How to Add a Hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation [Step-by-Step Guidance]

How to Add a Hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation [Step-by-Step Guidance]

When you are using the internet, then to move from one web page to another, you generally use a Hyperlink. Hence, if you want to add a web or email address in the PowerPoint presentation, then you need to add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint presentation.

If you don’t know how to do this, then you are strongly advised to check out each and every point given below. Here you will get complete information on how to add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation so that you can work on the local computer as well as online. 

How to Hyperlink in PowerPoint? Follow Some Easy Ways

Now, have a glance at the remaining part in order to add a hyperlink in PowerPoint. 

To Insert Hyperlinks in Powerpoint

In the beginning, choose the image or text that you want to make a Hyperlink. Then, right-click on the selected image or text and after that, tap on Hyperlink.

Now, you will able to see the Insert hyperlink dialog box. Check the box next to it. Thereafter, you have to click on the Hyperlink button. Then, the Insert tab will pop up on the display. 

If you pick up the text option, then words will show on the Text to display field at the top. However, if you want, then you can change the text.

Enter the address bar that you want to link within the Address field.  Afterward, tap on OK and now the image or text will be a hyperlink to the web address.

Insert a Hyperlink to Other Slide

Want to insert a Hyperlink with another slide? then, at first, choose the desired object on the slide. After that, move to the Insert tab and tap on the Hyperlink option.

Thereafter, a new window will appear on the display. Under the Link, click on that place in this Document button. 

The next thing that you should do is to select the slide in the presentation that you want to use as a destination. Afterward, click on OK. 

If you have already created a custom slideshow and want to connect the object with it, then mark the box beside the Show and Return button.

Add a Hyperlink to an Existing Document

Apart from that, you can also connect the presentation to a document on the computer, such as another presentation. 

But if you wish to move the project to another device, then you will have to copy the connected document with the same folder. 

However, if by chance you forget to copy the presentation, or by mistake delete it, then the link won’t work. 

Also, keep in mind, if you want to publish the presentation online, then you need to convert all the connected presentation to the online format. Apart from that, use web pages rather than using the source .pptx files.

Now, again the previous one chooses an object on the slide. Furthermore, navigate to the Insert tab and tap on the Hyperlink option. 

Thereafter, you have to click on the Existing File or Web page. After that, find and choose the document that you want to use and click on Ok.

How to Add a Hyperlink to a New Document

Before starting the procedure, keep in mind that you can only use this type of hyperlinks in PowerPoint. 

Next, select an object on the slide. Then, go to the Insert tab and tab on the Hyperlink option. In the next step, navigate to the Link. Here, drop down and click on the Create a New Document option.

Now, by default, a new document will be created within the same folder. In case, you want to change the location, then move to Full Path. Under here, click on the Change option. 

Again, go to the Name of the new document field and type the name of the new file. Afterward, tap on Ok. 

Thereafter, proceed to the When to Edit option. Under this section, you have to select either the Edit New Document later or Edit the New Document Now button.

To Insert a Hyperlink Within an Email Address

At first, right-click on the selected image and click on Hyperlink. Now, you will see the ‘insert hyperlink’ dialog box. Go to the left side of the dialog box and tap on the email address.

Within the Email Address box, enter the email address that you want to type. Afterward, click on OK. After pressing the Enter key, the PowerPoint will recognize the email address and connect it.

Ready to Insert a Hyperlink?

In this post, we have explained almost each and every point about how to add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation. So, follow the above instructions and make your PowerPoint presentation more attractive.