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Microsoft Office 365 Business Plans: Office 365 Business vs Business Essentials vs Business Premium

Before you choose the Office 365 plan for your business, make sure that you completely understand it. Depending on different requirements, the Office 365 business plan has three types of variants.  Generally, the business with less than 300 employees uses the Microsoft office 365 business essentials plans. The three variants of the Office 356 plans…
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How To Uninstall Microsoft Office 365 Apps From Windows 10

Microsoft Office 365 comes with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, etc. This application is useful for numerous users for their professional as well as personal purpose. However, in certain instances, users want to uninstall Office 365 from their device. Apart from this, while the users try to free up a license of Office 365 for…
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Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition | Features, Download, FAQ

The Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition is an ad-supported free version of Office 2010. It can help you to create and edit Excel spreadsheets and simple word documents. This pack can help you to fulfill all the work requirements and is considered ideal for home users. If you are still in a dilemma and unable…
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How To Fix WinWord.exe Application Error? (Updated 2020)

In case, the Microsoft Office suite components are missing or outdated, you can encounter a technical glitch. The most common among the lot is WinWord.exe error which mainly occurs due to corrupt Office Installation. If you have not updated the device drivers for a long time, the registry value is missing, then it can lead…
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What Happens If Microsoft Office is Not activated or Unlicensed

Microsoft offers high standard office applications. These applications can be used as a trial version. But you can use them only for a certain period of time. Once that is over the activation charge will be regenerated.  In case, you do not pay that amount then you will not be able to use Microsoft office…
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10 Best New Features of Office 2016 (The Definitive Guide)

If you rely on Microsoft Office to help you in your daily work then you must know what makes it is so reliable and efficient at the same time. It consists of desktop productivity applications and is suitable for office as well as business purposes.  These days the Office 2016 apps are available for most…
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How To Add New Fonts in Microsoft Word on Windows

All the versions of MS Word support the font feature. Based on this, irrespective of the OS you are using, i.e Windows, Android, iOS, you can add a different style of font. But before you can use it, you need to install them. Thus, you can use a custom font every time you are using…
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Learn How To Convert Microsoft Word Files to Google Docs

Document processors like Microsoft Office Word, Google Docs are highly popular among people for creating and editing texts or documents. You can choose the application as per your convenience and reliability. If you are a former Microsoft Office Word user and now want to shift to Google Docs, then you don’t have to rewrite the…
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Microsoft Office Vs OpenOffice Vs LibreOffice

Microsoft Office Vs OpenOffice Vs LibreOffice: Which One Should Choose

Microsoft Office contains all the office related applications, such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. You can create documents using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, along with uncountable presentations for your office projects.  Open Office is an application, where you can access the Word Processing programs such as Spreadsheets, graphics, databases, and other things.  LibreOffice consists…
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How To Enable Microsoft Whiteboard For Office 36

How To Enable Microsoft Whiteboard For Office 365 [Explained]

Microsoft Whiteboard is a popular Windows application with which you can sketch and plan various ideas and contents. Through this application, you can easily share your thoughts, concepts, and ideas on the canvas of a Surface Hub.  Surface Hub is a wall-mounted interactive device with 55 inches or 84 inches touchscreen. It comes with a…
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