External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Windows 10: A Simple Guide To Fix

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Windows 10: A Simple Guide To Fix

Updating to the latest version of Windows OS is undoubtedly an exciting affair. But this upgrades also invite some errors along with it. Windows OS users have recently complained about one such issue of the External hard drive not showing up Windows 10.

The external drives like the USB and the hard drives can easily be connected to a PC. But, at times the external drives disturb the system causing processing errors. They use the outdated versions of files which is not compatible with your device.

The USB ports even lead to the Seagate external hard drive not showing up Windows 10. Anyways do not worry, go through this article and get the best-in-class solutions to the external drive related problem in Windows 10.

Easy Steps To Resolve External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Windows 10 Error

First of all, use the troubleshooter to scan the system. To run the Troubleshooter open the device and in the search bar type in troubleshooting. Choose the Configuration Driver. This operation will open a pop-up window. Click on Next and continue with the instructions. If still, the error is showing up then try to update the drivers manually.

Manually Update Drivers

Open the device and press the Windows and the R key simultaneously. A dialogue box will appear,  enter the command devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager. This command will open a yellow and red sign which indicates the list of the external drives. Select the Update Software option and right-click on it. You can also upgrade the other files. After the process is over then, choose the Search automatically update option from the drop-down box and wait for about 20 to 30 seconds to finish it. Reboot the machine and check if still External hard drive not showing up Windows 10.

Format And Subdivide Drives

To solve the issue of the external hard drive not showing up Windows 10, you’ll have to fix and manage proper space allocation with the help of the Disk Management tools.

Right-click on the not yet allocated space in the device and choose the wizard to divide the position. To set the drivers letter for ensuring partition double tap on the removable portions of the drive and change it. Check again if both the Operating Systems and the drivers are of the same version and configuration. After finishing the work reset it and start the device again.

Get Expert Assistance

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