Critical Process Died Windows 10: Resolve Windows Issues With Our PC Experts

Critical Process Died Windows 10: Resolve Windows Issues With Our PC Experts

Even though Windows OS users often experience a lot of technical errors, but getting Blue Screen of Death error is the most annoying one. So, when you get the issue of critical process died Windows 10, it can cause your device to get stuck into a loop of continuous Restart. However, you must be aware that this BSOD error can occur not only in Windows 10 but in other versions as well. So, if you know the proper causes of getting this critical process failure message, you can eliminate the problem with technical methods. Hence, go through this article, as it covers the underlying reasons for getting this Windows 10 error along with some troubleshooting steps.

Reasons Why You get Critical Process Died Windows 10 Problem

There can be multiple reasons due to which you can face critical process died Windows 10 issue. If this error gets severe, it can damage the hard drive, memory segment and even the processor in your PC. Whenever you get this problem, it turns the device screen blue or unresponsive and causes abrupt restarts. If you are looking for ways to troubleshoot this error, check out the possible reasons behind experiencing this BSOD.

  • If your device is having missing or corrupted system files, then it can affect the OS and generate this error.
  • In case the PC or laptop is infected with third-party malware or severe virus issues, it can turn the display screen dark.
  • Due to corrupted memory, bad RAM and problems in registry files, there can be critical issues and it can turn into this Windows error.

What Are The Methods To Fix Windows 10 Critical Process Died Error?

Even though there are multiple ways to resolve Windows 10 critical process died, follow these quick fixes that you can apply immediately. Otherwise, you can always consult with our Windows support technicians to fix critical BSOD error.

Method 1 – Deeply Scan PC For Unwanted Software/Malware/Viruses

Many times, the issue of unnecessary programs from malicious sources, malware and viruses are the major causes of getting BSOD issue. So, if this is the reason why your device is restarting abruptly, utilize the inbuilt Windows Defender to scan your PC. You can also request advanced detection and removal antivirus from Windows support professionals to remove this failed critical process error. On Windows 10 based system, locate the ‘Shield’ symbol on the left pane under ‘Windows Defender Security Center’. Then click ‘Advanced scan’ below ‘Virus & threat protection’. Make sure to check the option of Full scanning and then click ‘Scan now’. It will initiate the system scan to detect malware present in the PC. Wait until the Windows Defender program figures out the threats and resolves critical process died Windows 10 issue.

Method 2 – Use Command Prompt Window To Fix Disk Error

Hit ‘Win+X’ keys both at a time to go to the ‘Power user’ menu and choose Command Prompt (Admin). Write chkdsk C:/f and press Enter. Replace the actual name of your disk drive in place of C in the command mentioned in this method. Also, remember to include /f in order to direct the system to fix the critical process failure issue. However, if there is any physical damage in the PC  causing this error, type /r and run it. You can also run the sfc/scannow command to identify and repair corrupt system files in your PC. Finally, save the changes by restarting your Windows device and check whether the BSOD is troubling you anymore.

Reach Us For Instant Solution And Online Support

If you can’t apply the above methods to resolve critical process died Windows 10 error, get in touch with us. At Windows Support, our experts work with the best minds in the software industry and develop technical solutions after thorough testing. If you seek our assistance, your technical problems with be resolved by certified Windows professionals. We provide services that are customized and as per your technical requirements. So, if you want best-in-class solutions at pocket-friendly charges, connect with the Windows tech support team.

To request a solution for fixing critical process failure error, call Windows Customer Support Number +1-855-772-9117. You can also place your service request by dropping a mail at [email protected].  For initiating real-time discussion with Windows experts, use the live chat portal facility available on our website.

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