Headphones Not Working Windows 10 : Call Our Gadget Experts For Quick Solution

Headphones Not Working Windows 10 : Call Our Gadget Experts For Quick Solution

Most of the users are facing issues with their headphone option right after they are upgrading to the Windows 10. It may be quite annoying if the built-in speakers are still working but nothing is audible through the headset. As it can occur due to a defective inbuilt audio device or the headphone itself, so figuring out the real reason is a bit difficult. So, if you are having issues with your listening device and want to troubleshoot it with effective, technical fixes, follow this article. Here, you will get to know what are the causes of getting this headset error. It also covers a few quick fix methods that can resolve headphones not working Windows 10 problem.

 Headphones Not Working Windows 10: Reasons Why This Error Occurs

Before you jump right into the solution part to fix headphones not working Windows 10, you must know the real causes of getting this issue. So, if you are currently facing this audio problem after upgrading to Windows 10, check out the list of possible reasons.

  • If you are using a Windows 10 based computer, connecting the earphone jack in the wrong port can generate this error. As the new motherboard circuitry comes along with multiple ports, you must choose the right port for accurate functioning.
  • Your PC may be having technical issues with the OEM software that can disable jack detection totally. So, if you are using any third-party audio manager program that doesn’t support the headphone, you can get this error.
  • An outdated driver can cause this problem in the listening device. Hence, if you are using an old version or a corrupt audio driver, it can still produce this issue.
  • In case if your Windows 10 based device is already connected to a wireless speaker or another gadget via Bluetooth, it can disable the headphones.
  • Many users don’t even realize that this error can generate if the headphone jack is not clean or physically damaged.

Apply These Fixes If Windows 10 Headphones Not Working Anymore

So, if you want to fix Windows 10 headphones not working error, apply the technical fixes as mentioned below.

Fix 1 – Apply Windows Update To Fix The Sound Drivers

To update the audio drivers automatically, locate the ‘Sound’ icon and right-click on it. Then, click on ‘Playback tab’ under ‘Sounds’ and choose the Headphones or Speakers device as shown in the option. After this, select ‘Properties’ and click on Properties under the Controller Information. Further, click ‘Change settings’ and select ‘Update Driver’ under the Driver section. So, it will download the necessary drivers automatically for the High Definition Audio Device. Finally, put the earphone jack into the PC and check if the sound is audible.

Fix 2 – Use The Device Manager To Update Audio Driver

For this, select ‘Properties’ under ‘This PC’ icon on Windows 10 based system and click on ‘Device Manager’. There you will see the option of ‘High Definition Audio Device’ below ‘Sound, Video and Game controllers’. If you already having a driver software in your device, you can browse that file and install by clicking on Update Driver tab. However, you must check if this driver is compatible with the hardware, or else it can damage the audio device entirely.

Fix 3 – Turn Off The Front Panel Jack Detection

If you are using a third-party sound manager software like Realtek in your PC, it can lead to headphones not working Windows 10 error. So, locate the option of front panel audio jack detection and make sure it is disabled under the ‘Connector Settings’. Another way to deal with such incompatible software is to uninstall it or re-install with appropriate settings to enable headphone option.

Reach Us To Know More On Windows 10 Issues

In case the above fixes are not working for you to resolve headphones not working Windows 10 problem, get in touch with us. Our professionals implement the latest technology and state of the art methodologies to fix Windows 10 driver issues. So, if you want to place service orders with reliable experts, consult our Windows 10 Support team.

To get in touch with our executives, call us on Windows 10 Customer Support Number +1-855-772-9117 and convey headphone issues directly. Also, you can reach the Tech Support experts by sending an email to our ID. Our official email id is [email protected]. Additionally, you can chat with our experts regarding the issues on our live chat portal.

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