Fix: Mac Error 0xD000000C On Your System

Fix: Mac Error 0xD000000C On Your System

Microsoft Office is an essential program to execute professional tasks using Excel, Powerpoint, Word, OneNote, and other necessary applications. The most recent version of this program is the Office 2016. It comes with many advanced features but, Mac OSX users might face some issues with the activation of this tool.

According to many users, the Mac error 0xD000000C occurs quite frequently. Unless you resolve it, working with MS Office can be quite difficult. So, if you’re one of those users troubled by this issue, do not worry. In this article, we’ll provide some effective ways to resolve this error.

A Brief Idea About Mac Error 0xD000000C 

You’ll face this particular error if you’re using Mac OSX devices  A new version of MAC OSX was released somewhere in the middle of December 2018. This version is popular as OSX Sierra 10.12.2, which might trigger Office 2016 Mac error

So, if you use this particular version, you are likely to encounter error 0xD000000C while activating MS Office. Now, let’s discuss the causes that can generate this Mac issue. 

Possible Causes

This Mac error occurs mostly due to two main causes:

  • If you’re using a Network or Open directory account, your Mac may fail to write the credentials into your keychains. Hence, causing this error.
  • Also, an unstable or inactive Internet connection can cause this issue while activating MS Office 2016 on Mac.

Ways to Get Rid of Mac Error 0XD000000C on MS Office 2016

Since Office is an important application for your day-to-day work, it needs to function seamlessly. But, if you fail to activate the software on your device, it can be a serious issue. 

There are many simple hacks to remove error code 0XD000000C effectively. Here, we’ve listed those solutions for your help. But, before you proceed to the solutions, make sure that your Internet connection is working well. Now, go through these solutions:

Utilize License Removal Tool

This is an effective solution to make sure you can eliminate the Office 2016 Mac error. Follow these steps to execute this solution:

Shut down all the Office apps actively running on your Mac. Download the removal tool meant for removing licenses from your MS Office package. 

Once downloaded, run this tool on your device. It will allow you to remove all existing Office keychain entries.

Open any one of the Office applications and try to perform the activation procedure. 

Use Local Account On Mac

In case you’re using an Open directory account, you’ll face this error on Mac. So, you must sign out from your account and login from a local account. So, follow these steps to sign out of the network account:

Click on the ‘Sign Out’ option on your network account. Now, sign in to your local account and try to activate Office 2016. In case, you do not have a local account, create one by following the steps given below:

  1. Select the Apple menu on your iDevice. Now, search for the ‘System Preferences’ option and then click on it.
  2. Choose the ‘Users and Groups’ option. Also, click on the ‘Lock’ button and then enter your password. After this, choose the ‘Unlock’ option. 
  3. Thereafter, find the plus icon (+) and click on it. You’ll be asked to fill up the information regarding your new account. Once you’ve completed this, click on ‘Create User’.
  4. Finally, log in to your new local account and try to activate MS Office on your Apple device.

Concluding Note

To sum up, MS Office faces frequent activation issues on Apple devices. Such interruptions with Office applications can be quite frustrating and hamper your work. So, you need to resolve this error with the utmost urgency.

You can effectively get rid of Mac error 0XD000000C with the solutions in this article. However, if you still fail to resolve this issue, you can notify us in the feedback section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I Activate Office for Mac?

At first, launch any Office product such as Word or Excel. Select the ‘Activate’ key and click the ‘Enter Key Product’ option. Type the product key and press Enter. The product key is a 25 digit numerical with no space. Now, hit the ‘Redeem Online’ option and click on ‘Sign in’. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, click on ‘Create a New Account’. Finally, click on ‘Finish Activation’

2. What happens when you don’t Activate Microsoft Office?

When you don’t activate Microsoft Office, you’ll be asked constantly to sign-in. You’ll also get frequent Product Activation Failed error messages and important features will be permanently disabled. Office 365 accounts may also get disabled within 31-120 days if you don’t activate it.