[Fixed] Microsoft Office Error Code 0x4004f00c

[Fixed] Microsoft Office Error Code 0x4004f00c

Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c mainly occurs due to issues such as corrupt registry entries, a problem with the Windows Firewall. Occasionally, system junk files can also lead to this flaw.

Apart from this, there are other causes too which lead to this error code in your MS Office such as the incomplete installation of the software. Fortunately, here we have explained all the possible resolving techniques related to this error.

5+ Ways to Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 0x4004f00c:

We have arranged some accurate solutions to fix the Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c. So have a look at them.

Solution 1- Repair the Microsoft Office Associate Registry Entries

As mentioned earlier if the Registry files get corrupted or damaged, as a result, you might receive this error code. In such a condition, you have to repair all the corrupted files to eliminate this MS Office error. 

Step 1: At first, turn on your device and move to the bottom left corner of the screen and click on the Start button.  

Afterward, you will see the Windows search pane. Under the search box, type ‘command’ and press the Ctrl, Shif keys simultaneously as well as hit the Enter key.

Step 2: A permission box might appear on the display and you should click on the Yes button.  It will open a black box with a blinking cursor.  

After that, type ‘ regedit’ in the input field and hit the Enter key to continue the next step. Choose the key related to the error code 0x4004f00c.  Furthermore, move to the File menu and select the Export option.

Step 3: Then, choose the folder where you want to save the Microsoft Backup. After that, click on the Selected branch option.

In the next window, tap on the Save button now the file will be saved as ‘.reg file extension’. 

Once you have successfully completed the above three steps, then manually reboot your machine and check if the error has been resolved or not. Otherwise, have a look at the next one.

Solution 2- Disable the Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is an inbuilt feature. However, occasionally because of this, you can see this error code on the display. To fix the error, you are suggested to temporarily disable the Windows Firewall. 

For that, first, click on the Start menu and type ‘control panel’ in the given field. Hit the Enter key to open the Control Panel. Within the Control Panel, you have to drop down and choose the Windows Firewall option. 

Furthermore, select the Turn Windows Firewall on or Off option that might display on the left panel of the window. Thereafter, click on the ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’ button. 

Again, reboot your machine and if you are still unable to fix the Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c, then another effective solution is discussed for you.

Solution 3- Clean Up the System Junk File

Junk files are other reasons responsible for the issue. To remove this issue, you have to clean all the system junk files.  

For that, go to the Home Screen of your device and click on the Start button. Next, type ‘command prompt’ in the search field and then press the Enter key to open the Command Prompt.

It will lead to a new window where you should type ‘ cleanmgr’ in the input field and hit the Enter key to proceed to the next. This will calculate how much memory you can free. 

Then, click on the Disk Cleanup option. Finally, select all the checkboxes and tap on OK to complete the solution. Again, reboot your system to check whether the error code has been resolved or not.

Solution 4-  Reinstall the Microsoft OS

In case, the current Microsoft Operating System is not compatible with the system, then this problem might appear. In such a scenario, reinstall the Microsoft OS can be a good choice for you. 

So, first of all, launch the Control Panel and tap on the Uninstall button. After that, you need to right-click on the MS office and choose Uninstall. 

Then, restart the computer and it will remove all the remaining files of the previous Microsoft Office file that might be responsible for this error.

Next, go to the official website of the Microsoft Office and download the latest version. Afterward, exit from the tab and restart your machine. Hopefully, this should fix the error.

Solution 5- Perform a System Restore and Undo the Recent Changes

It is also suggested to perform a System Restore to remove this Office error code. For that, at first, turn on your computer and click on the Start button. 

Then, enter ‘system restore’ in the search field and tap the Enter key to execute the task. After that, tap on the System Restore. If you need to enter a password, then do the needful.

Choose the System Restore on the next screen. Follow the online instructions to complete the restore process.

Now, the device will restore to an earlier version. Here, undo the recent changes. Furthermore, exit from the device and reboot your computer to take the effect of the changes.

Solution 6- Temporarily Disable the Proxy Settings

So, you have already tried the above five solutions and all of them are not workable for you right? then try to temporarily disable the proxy settings. 

To do so, first, click on the Start icon and after that, select the Control Panel. Once the Control Panel opens, then drop down and choose the ‘Internet Options’.

It will lead to a new window. In the new window, you have to click on the ‘Connections’ tab. Furthermore, tap on the ‘LAN settings’ button. 

Afterward, go to the Proxy Server. Here, uncheck the box beside the ‘ Use a Proxy Server for your LAN’ option. Finally, click on the OK button to successfully apply this solution. 

Solution 7- Online Repair MS Office

Unfortunately, If the Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c still persists, then try to use the online repair process. The error can be fixed online, especially if the issue is a missing file.

To attempt the solution technique, first, open the Control Panel. Then, click on the Uninstall Program. After that, you need to right-click on the MS Office and choose Change.

Next, select the online repair and after that, tap on the Repair button. Afterward, you should click on Repair to confirm button. After completion, reboot your machine and now surely you will overcome the glitch.

We have discussed all the effective solutions to fix the problem. Now, apply these solutions one after another until you resolve all your queries.