Outlook Search Not Working: Fix With Pocket-Friendly Tech Support

Outlook Search Not Working: Fix With Pocket-Friendly Tech Support

Outlook is an emailing platform that provides you with free personal email service. It adds to your productivity by clarifying your work process. Outlook is counted as one of the most necessary tools on an email client. Despite its innovative features, it is not at all glitch free. The search feature may stop working abruptly. Then it can severely affect your experience to navigate through your emails promptly. Read this article to understand when and why Outlook search not working problem occurs.

Reasons Behind Outlook Search Not Working

There are countless reasons that can generate real-time Outlook search not working error. Have a glance at the underlying factors.

  • Windows Indexing Services might be creating undesirable problems that can lead to runtime Outlook issues.
  • If the Outlook Data files are not indexed fully, then there can be errors.
  • Often, large attachments with PST file can hinder the normal function of the Outlook.
  • If there is a corruption in Outlook Data File, then it can lead to defective pst-file. This will, in turn, generate search problems in Outlook.

Now that you have recognized the reason for the problem, you can proceed to troubleshoot the issue at the earliest.

How To Fix Search Not Working In Outlook?

Follow the step by step measures as mentioned below, to fix the Outlook search not working problem.

Step 1: Enable Search Function In Outlook Safe Mode

The first approach to resolve Outlook search problems is to observe if the Outlook search function is running in Safe mode. On your keyboard, hold the CTRL key and then click on the Microsoft Outlook shortcut icon. Simultaneously, hit the Windows and R keys. This will initiate the run command box. Enter the command “outlook /safe” and tick OK.

When the Safe Mode gets enabled, execute a search. If Outlook search is operating correctly, then disable all Add-in. Reboot your device, if the error reappears, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Remove Windows Search Feature

Go to Control Panel and select the Remove Programs option, from your Windows. Now, click on “Turn Windows features off.” Confirm your action by ticking, Yes to User Access Control. You will get a list; there uncheck the Windows Search feature. You will receive a warning message against which you have to check Yes. Confirm your action and restart your system. Open the Outlook application and allow the program to reconfigure its Search function.

Step 3: Enable Windows Search feature From Control Panel.

Again, you need to go to Control Panel and select the Add Programs option from your Windows. Now, click on “Turn Windows features on. Tick the check-box against the Windows search feature to enable search feature. Lastly, restart your system and test if the Windows Indexing service can provide an appropriate result.

Step 4: Rebuild Windows Index

Initiate the Control Panel menu and go to the Indexing Options. Now, select Advanced as well as the Advanced Options. Confirm your action by selecting Ok. Wait till the rebuilding process gets completed. Close the Indexing Options Window. Lastly, open the Outlook application and test if Outlook search problem reappears.

Step 5: Ensure To Initiate Windows Search Service

You can recheck if the Windows Search feature was enabled accurately. Go to Start and enter” cmd.” When the dialog box appears, type in “sc config wsearch start= auto” command. Confirm your action by pressing Enter option. You will receive a message denoting “b.” Lastly, enter the command  “net start wsearch“ and again select the Enter option. You will receive another message confirming that the service has started.

However, if you are unable to carry out the process all by yourself, then you can appoint tech technicians to guide you.

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