Skype Disk I/O Error: Solve It With Our Pro Technicians

Skype Disk I/O Error: Solve It With Our Pro Technicians

Skype is one of the most significant of applications which facilitates the voice calls, video calls, between two or more than two computers, tablets, mobile devices, and even Xbox One console via the internet and also to regular telephones. Even, Skype also provides a messaging facility. A number of people prefer Skype for its multifaceted usefulness. Despite having several advanced features it is not entirely free from technical glitches. Although the Skype video quality is quite good, still at times, users face several issues. Hence, “Skype Disk I/O error’ is one such issue. If you’ve come across the same and don’t know how to fix it, then you are in the right place.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll learn the proper reasons behind the issue. After knowing the proper reasons, you can easily resolve the error on your own. Now, take a glance at the reasons why the error occurs.

About Skype Disk I/O Error

If you’re a user of Skype then you may encounter Skype disk I/O error, when attempting to sign in. Basically, this error may occur, if you try to open two Skype account at the same time. Moreover, this issue can also be triggered on the same computer, if you open the same Skype account more than once. Usually, opening more than one Skype account at the same time and handling is pretty helpful. But, sometimes it can cause several errors.

Solutions To Fix The Skype Disk I/O Error

Basically, there are two ways that you can use to deal with the Skype unable to sign in due to a disk I/O error. But, to ease up the process, we have enlisted the most simple yet prominent troubleshooting steps. The first step is to delete and re-create your user’s folder and the second one is to change the permissions for your temporary files or folders.

Solution 1: To Delete And Re-Create Your User Folder

  • At first, locate the Skype icon, right-click on it and choose the Quit Skype option.

(In case, if you can’t see the option then right-click on the Taskbar and then choose Skype, select End Task button).

  • Then, press and hold the Windows logo key and R then type  “%appdata%\Skype” and click ok Ok.
  • Now, you can see that the File Explorer window, then locate the file with the same name as your Skype name.
  • Next, simply Delete the File or Folder.
  • Finally, Restart Skype and sign in again.
  • Now, you can recreate the Skype account again.

Solution 2: Change The Permissions Of The Temporary Files Or Folders

After trying the first solution, if the Skype Disk I/O error still remains, then you can follow the second step to fix this error code issue. In this section, you may have to transfer your temporary files or folders to a location outside your profile but still missing some essential permission.

  • Primarily, locate the Skype icon, right-click on it and choose the Quit Skype option.
  • Then, go to the File Explorer and select This PC and locate the Temp folder, Just right-click on it.
  • After that, click on the Properties and select the Security tab.
  • Now, select Edit option and click on Add.
  • Navigate to the option From This Location and make sure that your PC name appears under it. If it doesn’t appear such, then you need to click on Locations and finally on OK.
  • After that, you need to type ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES inside the box which says Enter the object names to select and click the option Check Names. The ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES will be seen as underlined.
  • Now, select OK and All Application Packages are added to the list of accounts that are able to enter to the Temp folder or file.
  • Then, make sure that the Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents boxes are checked.
  • Finally, click OK and restart the Skype. Then, try to sign in.

Can’t Resolve The Skype Disk I/O Error On Your Own – Solve It With Us

Still, if you are not convinced by the above-mentioned solutions and thinking about how to resolve the skype disk I/O error, then our team of experts is always there to help you out. At Skype Tech Support, we have high-qualified engineers and technicians who know the proper cause behind the issue. They can easily resolve your Skype intricacies which can further optimize the phone’s performance.

You can simply dial out Skype Tech Support Toll-free Number +1-855-772-9117 straightaway and share your concerns with us. Moreover, you can choose our online chat support portal to connect our efficient technicians. On the other hand, you can also write us a mail at our official mail ID. Hence, choose us as your primary solution partner to resolve every Skype related issues.

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