Fix The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc0000022 Error With Effective Hacks

Fix The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc0000022 Error With Effective Hacks

If you recently installed any Adobe related program, then while opening it, you might receive an error message. It says “The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000022. Click OK to close the application.” This issue might persist, even if you decide to reinstall the Adobe program.

Basically, when users are trying to save a particular PDF file on the Adobe, they receive such an error message. Sometimes, while installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, such kind of issue occurs. Even, when users double-click on the PDF file in order to access the Adobe software, they get such an invalid error.

But no matter how the glitch occurs, it is quite necessary to solve this as early as possible in order to use the software again. Here, in this post, you will get all the possible fixes for resolving this matter. Thus, stay on this page till the end.

The Major Indications of the Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000022

This kind of issue is usually caused by an access-related problem that triggered either by the Windows itself or by some specific programs or applications. This problem can be triggered by the following:

  • Files that have compatibility issue or are corrupted/damaged.
  • Interruption with the security program can also trigger this issue.
  • Moreover, missing DLL files can cause this error too.

Common Factors Responsible for the Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000022

Cause 1: Access rights are set incorrectly: It is the foremost cause for this issue. When this error occurs, the Windows applications fail to access the other files which are quite important for it to work.

Cause 2: System files are corrupted or damaged: The another potential cause of this error is a Windows system file that became damaged or corrupted because of the disk write error.

These are the most common causes of the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000022 error. Now, let’s proceeds to the next section where we have mentioned all the possible ways to fix this issue in no time.

Resolve ‘the Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000022’ error

After identifying the common causes, now you can easily deal with this glitch. Therefore, you need to follow the below-described instructions in order to fix it on your own.

Fix 1: Check for the Permission issue

If ‘the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000022’ issue is triggered by a certain program or application, then check for its permissions configuration to ensure they are set properly.

  • Firstly, right-click on that program which triggered the issue. This can either .exe file of the application installed or can be the shortcut on your system, available in My Computer.
  • Now, click on the Properties.
  • Then, navigate to the Security tab.
  • Now, in the security tab, reset the permissions for all Power Users and System, Administrators to Allow Full Control.
  • Once you are done, just hit the Apply button as well the OK button in order to finish the process.

Fix 2: Check for DLLs with Accessibility Issues

If the issue caused by the DLL files, and you can recognize that specific file that triggered such kind of glitch, then you can easily fix this issue by performing this action. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Primarily, you need to navigate to that particular program which caused the error.
  • Now, just right-click on the DLL file.
  • Then, choose the Properties button.
  • After that, go to the security tab.
  • Here, tap on the Continue button.
  • Now, you will be asked for the object names. Therefore, type Users and hit the Check Names button.
  • Once you are done, simply press the OK button or hit the Enter key.
  • Next, in order to Read And Execute And Read Access, just set the access levels for the newly added user.

Fix 3: Scan for Corrupted/Damaged files

The System File Checker tool allows you to scan your hard disk for potential damaged or corrupted system file that can trigger the error code 0xc0000022. If you want to run this utility tool, then you have to follow the given directions:

First of all, click on the Start icon, Then, go to the search box. Now, enter “cmd” in the search box. Once you are done, simply right click on the Command Prompt result and then look for the Run as Administrator option. Once you find the button, just click on it. Then, go to the Run dialog box and type “sfc/scannow.” Next, hit the Enter key or click on the OK button. Now, check if the issue gets eliminated.

Fix 4: Update the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Furthermore, you can also resolve such kind of Adobe Acrobat Reader error code 0xc0000022 after updating the software. It is quite a reliable fix and it works for many users. If you want to perform the steps, then do the following:

  • Firstly, launch Adobe Acrobat.
  • Then, select the Help option.
  • Now, press the Check For Updates button.
  • If an update is available their then, you will be asked to choose the Install Update option.
  • Then, simply click on that button and hit the OK button in order to confirm the process.
  • Once the update is installed, you will see the Update successful dialog box that will pop-up display screen.
  • Now, just click on the Restart button and then check if the issue fixes.

Fix 5: Boot your PC in the Safe Mode

In order to boot your PC into the Safe Mode, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Before doing anything, you need to disconnect all the peripherals from your system and then, tap on the Reboot button.
  • Once your system reboots, before the Windows logo appears in the display screen, you have to press the F8 key.
  • Now, select the drop-down menu and locate the Safe Mode. Then, hit the Enter button or click on the OK button.

Fix 6: Check the Antivirus Program

If none of these fixes resolved the issue, then it is recommended to check the antivirus program. Primarily, you can disable the security program. But, after disabling certain features, if the issue still remains, then uninstall the security program that can conflict with the Adobe Acrobat software. To uninstall the antivirus program, you have to follow the below directions:

  • First, go to the Start menu.
  • Then, navigate to the Settings.
  • Now, in the settings, select the System.
  • Here, you have to look for and select the Apps And Features button. You will find this option in the left pane.
  • Next, choose the application you required to Uninstall.
  • After that, hit the Uninstall button.
  • Now, hit the Uninstall button in order to confirm the process.

Note- you can reinstall this security application again by following the on-screen directions, whenever you want.


We hope these fixes are quite helpful for you to resolve such an error. Let us know which fix helped you to solve the matter. Moreover, if you know some other solutions regarding this issue, then feel free to post them in the comment section.

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