How To Fix Windows Update Service Not Running: Solve With Easy Tech Hacks

How To Fix Windows Update Service Not Running: Solve With Easy Tech Hacks

Most of the users of the Windows Operating System are recently facing the issue with ‘Windows Update Service Not Running.’ When the users check the system, one pop-up message appears stating that “Windows cannot upgrade.”

The system gets so corrupted that they can’t even install different upgrades in the device. This problem becomes very frustrating for the client. But do not worry, if you could not overcome the error of Windows update not working go through this guide and learn how to fix the mistake.

Reasons Behind  Windows Update Service Not Running

The error with Windows Operating System occurs because of some corrupted files present in its latest download version. The stored junk and caches are also the reason behind this error. They do not allow the Operating System to function and stops it from working. Also, sometimes some malicious software stored in the device attack the OS leading to the issue.

Simple Steps To Resolve Windows Update Service Not Running

Operate Windows Troubleshooter

The Windows Operating System has an inbuilt system troubleshooter. This troubleshooter verifies and checks for the errors occurring in the Operating System. Moreover, it scans the system to check for any issues. To run the troubleshooter, open the system and select the Start menu which is present in the lower left side of the display screen. In the search bar find Troubleshooter and click on it. Additionally, select the fix options and follow the instructions given. Go back to the Windows Operating System option and then check for the update.

Reboot The Operating Systems Service

Windows Update Service Not Running issue may occur when the system does not get a correct reboot. To fix the problem, first of all, go to the Windows logo on the keyboard and then press the R key to open the Run bar. Later in the bar again provide the command “service msc” and then choose Ok to complete the process. Right-click on the Intelligent background sensor to continue the process and then type ‘startup’ to start the continuation automatically. Now again right-click on the Cryptographic service and repeat the same process. Then again right-click on the Windows update and enable it automatically. Go to the Start menu and click on the pause button and stop the process. Click on Yes to finalize it. Restart the process and continue.

Clean The Distribution Files

The distribution folder keeps the substitute files for the Operating Systems update. The issue with this can occur because of some corruption on this files. To solve the problem, open the system and in the keyboard type R and along with it press on Windows logo icon. This process will begin the run bar. In the bar type ‘services msc’ and then hit Enter. Select the Windows update and then choose the Stop service option. This action will initiate a file. To open the file hold on the Windows logo and then press E simultaneously. As it begins, navigate to ‘C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution’ and then click on the Remove all files option. Relaunch the Snap-in service and select on Windows update. Restart the device and check if still Windows update not working.

Expert Assistance to Correct Windows Update Service Not Running

You require expert guidance assistance if even after going through the article you are unable to resolve the error of windows update service not running. If you do not consider yourself tech-savvy, then get in touch with us. Reach out to our experts by dialling our Toll-free Customer Service Desk Number +1-855-772-9117.

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