Windows Update Error 80072efe: Learn How to Fix It With Quick Technical Fixes

Windows Update Error 80072efe: Learn How to Fix It With Quick Technical Fixes

Windows Update is an essential feature on Windows devices, be it of any version and it serves multiple purposes to keep normal functioning. However, like any other application software, this Windows program can cause certain errors periodically as well. The most commonly occurring issues that many customers are experiencing nowadays, is the Windows update error 80072efe. So, whenever you receive the notification regarding the error code 80072efe, know that there are issues with the Windows Update service on your device. Getting this error means you will not be able to receive Windows Updates on your PC automatically.

The error 80072efe can prevent Windows to load the latest service packs and security patches, which are received directly from Microsoft periodically. So, unless you resolve this Windows Update error, your device can receive various security threats. In this article, you will get some effective methods to resolve error code 80072efe. Hence, if you want to troubleshoot this Window issue by following technical fixes, keep reading this content. Here, you will get to know some of the possible reasons for getting the 80072efe error code on your Windows-based device.

What Are the Causes of Getting Windows Update Error 80072efe?

When it comes to discussing the major causes that lead to Windows Update error 80072efe on your system, there are many factors. However, in order to apply the troubleshooting steps, you need to have knowledge regarding a few critical causes. So, let’s have a look at the following points for understanding the actual reason behind error code 80072efe.

  • In case your PC is connected to an Ethernet or wireless network that is providing very poor internet connecting, it can be an issue. As Windows Update needs stable and reliable internet connectivity for downloading updates, a bad network can cause error 80072efe.
  • Often, users don’t realize when the Microsoft servers can really go down on certain occasions. Hence, if you are somehow trying to launch Windows Update during inactive server hours, you can get this error.
  • If your Windows-based system is using a firewall program, it can block certain updates from Microsoft server. So, if this is the case, then also you can receive notification regarding Windows Update error 80072efe.
  • This issue can also occur if there are malware or virus in your PC. It can often corrupt the Windows registry data on your system and affect the drivers as well.
  • Another possible reason for getting this error can be regarding using any proxy server. Often, users can utilize such websites for downloading Windows Updates. Somehow, if these updates are coming from an unreliable source, it may damage Windows Update files and generate the 80072efe error.

How To Resolve Windows Update Error 80072efe And Restore Automatic Updates On Your PC?

Before you begin to apply the following technical methods, make sure to confirm the possible cause of Windows Update error 80072efe. However, you can still start with the basic troubleshooting steps for resolving any kind of Windows update problem. So, let’s discuss the solutions one-by-one in order to remove error code 80072efe in Windows devices.

Some Prerequisite Steps to Eliminate Error 80072efe:

The first step you should apply is to install an effective anti-malware/ antivirus software on your computer, which is showing error 80072efe. In case, if there are infected files on your system, it will be removed by the protection program.

Next, you should provide stable internet connectivity to your PC by connecting proper WiFi or Ethernet network to it. Once, you provide a secure and uninterrupted internet connection, it will allow Windows Update to function normally without generating the 80072efe error message.

Many installed Firewall or antivirus/anti-malware software loaded on your PC can cause this issue regarding Windows Update. Hence, unless you troubleshoot this error on your computer, you can temporarily disable or stop these programs. Then, after resolving the Windows Update problem, you can re-enable or start the antivirus or firewall programs.

If the Windows Update has stopped working due to a recently installed app or software, you can fix the issue by removing or uninstalling the program. In case, you are still experiencing Windows Update error 80072efe, then it’s time to try some advanced troubleshooting solutions that are listed below:

Solution 1: Run Windows Troubleshooter

When the prerequisites discussed in this article are not enough to resolve Windows Update error, you can try this method. Here, you need to utilize the ‘Troubleshooting’ feature in Windows in order to fix error code 80072efe. Hence, press both the Windows logo and X keys on your keyboard and select ‘Control Panel’ from the list of programs.

Then, navigate to the option of ‘Troubleshooting’ and choose ‘View All’ section. Now, select on the application for ‘Windows Update’ and allow Windows to run its built-in troubleshooter to resolve error code 80072efe.  

Solution 2: Clear Junk Data From PC

If the above method doesn’t resolve Windows Update error, you can delete junk files from your PC. Sometimes, when users unknowingly overload their system’s hard drive with too much junk data, it can create conflict with active programs like Windows Update. Hence, the best method for troubleshooting Windows Update error 80072efe is by deleting junk files with administrative permits.

For applying this solution, hit Windows and X buttons simultaneously on your keyboard. Then, choose the option of ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ for running the program as administrator. In case, you get a confirmation window for operating command prompt in admin mode, click on the ‘Yes’ button.

On the Command Prompt window, write the command ‘cleanmgr’ and hit ‘Enter’ key. So, this instruction will automatically begin the process of scanning your PC for unnecessary or inactive files and remove them. Finally, it will ask for your permission to delete all junk data and you need to hit the ‘OK’ button. So, try to launch Windows Update after clearing the unnecessary files and see if its generating error 80072efe.

Solution 3: Keep System Drivers Up-to-date

Another great way to resolve error code 80072efe in Windows Update is by updating the drivers on your system regularly. As these updates can fix various bugs and system files, which are crucial for operating PC normally.

So, first, locate the icon for ‘My Computer’ on your desktop or ‘This PC’ on your system. Then, right-click on it, choose ‘Properties’ and hit the tab for ‘Device Manager’.

From the list of devices, you can easily figure out the yellow exclamation symbol beside certain device names. This sign is there to indicate that the corresponding devices are not using updated drivers. This, in turn, can be a critical stage for your system, as it can produce Windows Update error 80072efe.

Hence, for resolving this error code, you need to select the outdated drivers and right-click on them. Then, hit the ‘Update Driver’ button beside these devices and let Windows check for the recent updates. Thereafter, just reboot your computer after updating the drivers and check whether the 80072efe error is showing up.

Solution 4: Check System Disk for Windows Update Error

To identify the specific error with Windows Update on your PC, you can try system file checker tool. On Windows, you can easily scan and repair corrupted files, which can be the reason behind error code 80072efe.

First, click the Start menu on your Windows-based device and write ‘cmd’ in the search box. Before using the command prompt window, hit ‘Ctrl’, ‘Shift’ and ‘Enter’ buttons altogether and select ‘OK’.

Next, write ‘chkdsk/f/r’ in the command prompt and press the ‘Enter’ key. Also, you need to write ‘Y’ in the command line, when you are asked for confirmation via the on-screen notification.

Hence, allow the OS to run the disk checker program for resolving Windows Update error 80072efe. So, hit the Windows Update button after this process is over and move to other solutions if the issue persists.

Solution 5: Remove CatRoot2 Folder from System

Sometimes, the issue can be with a particular folder on your Windows-based PC, which can cause the 80072efe error code. So, according to many users and Windows experts, if you delete the folder of CatRoot2, the error can get resolved.

To try this solution, click on the Windows Start menu and then open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R buttons altogether. Then type ‘services.msc’ in the box and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

From the Windows Services list, locate the Cryptographic services and double-click on it. Then go to Service Startup and select the ‘Stop’ option if it is already running on your Windows.

Next, find the System32 folder on your system and remove ‘CatRoot2’ folder from the list of options. Once again go back to the Windows Services window and double-click on Cryptographic services and select’ Start’.

If you are still getting error 80072efe while accessing Windows Update, you can restore your system to resolve it. However, if none of the solutions work for you to remove Windows Update error 80072efe, remove the current version and go for fresh Windows installation. Otherwise, you can approach a certified Windows professional to troubleshoot error code 80072efe on your PC and fix Windows Update problems.

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