Grammarly for MS Word and Outlook (The Definitive Guide)

Grammarly for MS Word and Outlook (The Definitive Guide)

Grammarly is a third party computer application that consists of an automatic grammar checker too that corrects all the grammatical errors present in a document. You can use this tool for proofreading in the case of academics. 

Simply, copy the entire document and paste that on Grammarly’s website, to check for any kind of grammatical issues. But with time as the Grammarly application became popular, the creators came up with the Grammarly application. 

You can now use the Grammarly application on both Windows and Mac systems. The application can be availed both free and premium based on the requirement. The premium access requires a subscription that comes with some special features.

The latest features of Grammarly is that it helps to check plagiarism as well. Now, if you are a new user then you need to know the correct process to access the Grammarly application. If the Grammarly application file is already present in the system then first install the application and sign up with a proper email address and password. 

Steps to Download and Install the Grammarly for Word

The steps that you must know to download and install the Grammarly application are quite simple and easy to apply. They are given below. Check the steps very carefully and make sure that you do not skip any:

  • Open the Web Browser and go to the official address of Grammarly. Now, hit the Enter button.
  • The Grammarly official web page will open. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find three columns with headings Products, Company, and Support.
  • On the Products column, click on the first option i.e “Grammarly for MS office”. This will open a new page in the browser.
  • On the new webpage, you will find a red box that says “Free Download”. This option is generally present at the center of the system screen.
  • Before the Grammarly application installation files start to download. It requires you to sign in with an existing Grammarly account. Otherwise, sign up with your name, email address and set a specific password. After you complete this process hit the red box that says Sign In or Sign Up.
  • After that, a new page will open, follow the on-screen prompts to install the Grammarly application in the system. The download will start automatically as soon as you hit the Sign In or Sign Up button. 
  • However, if you cannot see the download option, click under the “Downloading Grammarly for MS word” header. It will prompt a user access window, click on Save File.
  • After successful completion of the Grammarly download, go to the Downloads folder of the system. 
  • In the download folder search for the “GrammarlyAddIN Setup.exe” file. Open the file and on the Security warning pop up page click on the Run option. The Microsoft Office page for Grammarly will open. Click on the “Get Started” option. 

Now, select the applications with which you want to use the Grammarly application and press the Install button. Wait until the full installation process completes. After that click on the Finish tab to complete the installation process. Now, open Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook in the system, find Grammarly and click on it. Now, simply hit the “Enable Grammarly” option. The steps are quite easy to apply and will help you to understand “how to add Grammarly to Word”.