How To Clear The Clipboard In Excel (The Definitive Guide)

How To Clear The Clipboard In Excel (The Definitive Guide)

Clearing any copies or data from your excel clipboard is quite easy. Whenever the clipboard storage gets full, you may receive an error message. In such cases, it is important to empty the clipboard as it stores the data in RAM temporarily and can even make your computer slow.

Basically, whenever a user copies anything, it is temporarily placed in the clipboard of the Microsoft Office application. This copied data can be accessed anytime. But over time the temporary storage allocated might get messy. So it’s important to clean the clipboard regularly.

Steps to Clear Clipboard In Excel

The clipboard is universal to all Microsoft Office applications. So, any changes made in the Excel clipboard are reflected as permanent changes over other applications. If you still want to proceed, then here’s how to clear the clipboard in Excel using some simple steps.

  1. First, open Excel on your computer and create a new page. Then, navigate to the Home tab in the Toolbar menu.
  2. Now, under the Home tab, click on the ‘Clipboard group’ option. This will open a new dialog box.

Note: This process is the same for all Office applications. Doesn’t matter if you are using Word or PowerPoint, the process to open clipboard remains the same.

  1. In the Clipboard menu, you get the option either to clear each entry individually or all at once. Make a selection and choose ‘Delete’ to permanently clear the clipboard.
  2. Once you clear the clipboard close the open dialog box.

Now, you have enough space to add more data to your clipboard. Just copy and it will automatically get saved in its respective space.

Clear Clipboard Using Shortcut

To clear your clipboard there is no definite shortcut. However, you can create one for Excel to clear the clipboard if you need it frequently. Here, how you can create a shortcut for it.

  1. In the Windows Desktop screen, right-click to choose New option. 
  2. Next, choose to make a new Shortcut option from it. A dialog box asking for the location of the application will appear to create a new shortcut.
  3. Here, enter the following location in the dialog box:

“cmd/c“echo off | clip” “ 

  1. Now, click Next. On the next screen choose a name like “Excel Clear Clipboard” for the shortcut you created. 
  2. Then, Finish the program to successfully create a shortcut to clear the clipboard.

Now, you can easily clear the clipboard by double-clicking on it from your desktop.

Fixed: Cannot Empty Clipboard in Excel

There are some instances where despite following the proper procedure the users couldn’t clear their clipboard in Excel. However, you can still copy the content in the document. 

Here are the causes and fixes that users may encounter while using the clipboard function in Excel.

Fix 1: 

You may encounter a clipboard error if you trying to copy a cell in Excel. This may happen if you have already copied a cell in Excel and again trying to copy another cell. You may try deselecting the previously copied cell and try again to fix this problem.

Fix 2:

If you are constantly getting a clipboard error while trying to copy content then it is better to leave it open for some time. This method might actually fix this error. Although, it’s not a proven fix for a clipboard error but can implement it with ease.

To open a clipboard from any window, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Then, type “clipbrd.exe” and run the command to open Clipboard.

Fix 3:

If you have enabled Remote Desktop on your PC then it might cause a problem with the clipboard and conflict with Excel. To kill the Remote Desktop process follow the steps.

  1. From any window in your PC press Ctrl+Shift+Esc in the keyboard to open the Task Manager.
  2. In the Task Manager, navigate to the Processes tab. A list of all the running processes on your computer will appear.
  3. From the listed processes search and kill the “rdclip.exe” file. Check if the clipboard is working properly now. 

Furthermore, if you have UltraVNC installed on your computer then it can also be the reason for any error in clipboard functionality. Now, any of the remote desktop services can cause trouble. So, make sure to check the clipboard after killing each file.

Fix 4:

Some programs like GetRight or Flashget installed on your computer might cause problems with the clipboard. If so, then you have to uninstall those programs from your device.

As those programs try to get access to clipboard and thus keep clash with the Excel program. So, for the proper functioning of the clipboard, uninstall any third party programs that may have access to it.

Wrapping Up…

Microsoft provided a quick fix for this clipboard error. But it is only supported for the Windows server 2003 version. You would need to make changes to the Terminal Services for this fix to work.

We have provided the easiest steps on how to clear your clipboard in Excel and also listed out some general problems that users face. With all the solutions you will be able to successfully clear your clipboard in Excel.