How To Delete Skype Account Permanently: Get Instant Skype Support

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently: Get Instant Skype Support

Skype facilitates the users to send and receive instant messages as well as video calling by making a virtual Skype room. But, while you are ready to access it from different devices, it becomes difficult for you to handle. Therefore, even if the network connection is excellent, you have to delete the account for avoiding the issues. Have you any doubt on how to delete Skype account? We hope, this article will be helpful to sort out your Skype issues immediately.

Look into Standard Skype Issues

If you are a regular user of Skype, then you may face some of the common issues during Skype call.

Message Sync Problem

If you are using the multiple devices to access your Skype account, then you can face this Message Sync issue. Especially, if you try to open your Skype from different platforms or different browsers, then it becomes difficult for you.

Delay Data Transfer

Sometimes, a delay in transferring messages or files becomes a significant challenge to us. Therefore, you can’t resolve this problem due to a network issue or server related problem.

Another minor problem you may often face is when you have read the message of the recipients, still, it remains unchecked. This is a server related problem.

Call Dropping Issue

During a call, you can face lots of difficulties due to a poor network connection. Your call starts dropping frequently. In addition to that, you can’t hear what others are saying.

Group Chat Bugs

In Group chat, people from different geographical areas can participate and share messages with each other. Moreover, if you are using a poor wireless connection, then you won’t get the video feeds, and face sound disruption.

Moreover, the above annoying issues may compel you to remove your Skype Account. Do not give in so easily. We have some solutions to share. Give them a try!

How To Delete Skype Account- Easy Steps

We have discussed the necessary steps which will help you to resolve the Skype issues efficiently.

Disconnect Skype From Microsoft Account

Without a Microsoft account, you can’t sign up for Skype account. So, you have to unlink your Skype account from Microsoft.

  • Click on your Skype icon and log in it by using correct username and password.
  • Now, go to the Account details section and tap on “Account Settings” under the option, “Settings and preferences”.
  • After that, select your Microsoft account from the list of the programs and tap the Unlink button to remove your Skype from the Microsoft account.
  • Finally, a message will appear on your screen to confirm the delete process. Here, you have to click on “Continue” to establish and follow the steps below.

Cancel Out The Skype Subscription

Now, in the right panel, you will find several subscriptions. Here, you have to select the correct one and tap on “Cancel Subscription.” Click on the option “Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancelto confirm the cancellation process.

In case of a paid member, you have to cancel your Skype number. So, open your “My account” page and go to the “Manage features” section. Here, you have to choose Settings under the “Skype Number” option and cancel it.

Again, go to the Account Details section and tap the “Auto-recharge” under the billing. Finally, select the button “Status” and “Disable” respectively to remove your subscription.

Verification Process

Now, we have reached the last step about how to delete a Skype account easily.

First, go to the “Account closure page” from the Account section. Here, you will be asked to put your Skype ID and password to verify. After the verification process, you have to click on the “Next” to proceed.

Finally, you have to choose the reasons behind removing your Skype account. Now, click on “Mark account for closure” to close your Skype account permanently.

Still confronting with how to delete Skype account? Don’t hesitate to connect with us for an instant fix.

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