Exceptional Ways To Fix Bad Image Error

Exceptional Ways To Fix Bad Image Error

When Windows is unable to run the program which you want to run, you might encounter Bad image error along with an error code 0XC000012F. Every Windows version starting with Windows 8 check updates and download the updated verison of the Windows from time to time.

But while installing specific Windows updates, the error code appears along with the error message ‘bad image error.’ Most of the users usually enquire how to fix bad image error

That is why, If you frequently notice this error message, then go through the methods discussed in the later section.

Causes for winword.exe Bad Image Error:

A large number of people usually get affected by the winword.exe bad image error. When you open a specific .exe file on your device, the error message appears.

The application that you want to open might be outdated and as a result, you might get the error code 0XC000012F.

Corrupted or damaged system files might lead you to this situation. No matter whatever may be reasons, you need it anyhow.

Hence, go through the next section and apply the methods in order to resolve the problem. 

Best Ways to Resolve Bad Image Error:

So, if you are also struggling with this problem, then here are some of the effective solutions to fix bad image error.

Fix 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the Program

Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the program that you want to open may help you to resolve the problem. Hence, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

  • First of all, press the Start button and then click on the Run window. 
  • After that, type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the Run window and hit the Enter button.
  • Now, right-click on the program which is the main culprit for this error code. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the Uninstall option from the list.
  • Wait until the process gets completed. 
  • Now, restart the system and launch a web browser. Then, type the application name and download the latest version of the application.

It will take some time to complete the process. When the process gets finished, restart the system again.

Now, try to open the application and check whether you are getting the error message or not.

Fix 2: Uninstall the Problematic Windows Update

If the above fix does not help you in resolving the problem, then bad image error appeared after installing a new Windows update.

Therefore, try to uninstall the new update and resolve the problem. Follow the steps described in the section below.

  • At first, press the Windows key and R key at the same time to launch the Run dialog box. 
  • Now, type ‘aapwiz.cpl’ in the Run window and hit the Enter button.
  • After that, click on the ‘View installed updates’ from the left side of the system screen.
  • Now, sort out the Update Installation History by the ‘Installed on’ tab and then find out the problematic update.
  • Thereafter, select the Update and right-click on it. Click on the Uninstall option from the drop-down list.

When the process gets completed, restart the Windows.

Fix 3: Run an SFC Scan

Sometimes, the problem might appear due to the corrupted system files. Hence, you should delete the damaged system files.

To scan your device and repair the system files, Windows has launched a free tool called System File Checker. Simply run the tool and delete the files.

  • First of all, launch the Run window by pressing the Windows key + R key. Now, type ‘cmd’ in the Run dialog box. 
  • After that, right-click on the cmd and select Run as Administrator option.
  • Now, type ‘sfc/scannow’ in the Command Prompt and hit the Enter button to run it. 
  • Then it will automatically start to scan your device and locate the damaged system files.
  • Wait until the process gets finished. Now, exit from the Command Prompt window and check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Fix 4: Perform System Restore

When you turn on the system restore, create a system restore point. This troubleshooting method will definitely help you to eliminate bad image error.

  • First of all, locate the System Restore option on your Windows 10 device. After that, click on the Create a restore point.
  • Now, click on the System Restore section and then select a different restore point. After that, click on the Next button.
  • Thereafter, follow the wizard to perform the system restore to recover the system point.
  • Now, close all the tabs and check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Did these solutions help you to fix bad image error? We hope the solutions proved successful in fixing the error. Just read the steps thoroughly and apply them accordingly in order to resolve the problem.

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