Step-By-Step Guide To Fix error 0x80071ac3 In An Instant

Step-By-Step Guide To Fix error 0x80071ac3 In An Instant

When you are trying to access a file or copy some files in a disk, your Windows can not read the data or unable to write data within the disk. That simply indicates that an error 0x80071ac3 code will appear on your system. This error code affects all the activated programs of your Window as well as makes a great impact on the external storage disk-like, external hard drives, and the USB sticks. Moreover, it also affects the internal hard drives and SSD.

When this code 0x80071AC3  occurs on your system an error message saying ‘Windows cannot complete the operation because the volume is dirty’ continuous pops up on your Windows display.

This error code can be generated from disk such as ReadyBoost that will prevent the window to read and write anything from the disk and so on. Thankfully we are here for your help. In the below sections we have provided some effective methods for you that surely help you to fix this error. Let’s walk you through the article.

What is error 0x80071ac3 ?

Most of the time a user may face this issue when he/she is trying to move a file to the external storage device such as SD card, flash drive or any other files. This is a very common problem that may be faced by all Windows users. There are several reasons that may be responsible forthe occurrence of this error code. This happens by the bad sector of the disk.

If you are worried about your external storage device as this error 0x80071ac3 affects your system, then you can quickly fix this issue before this error code completely damage your system. So if you do not want to see this ‘Volume is Dirty’ message on your screen, then you should focus on the rest of the article. We have come up with some practical solutions for you which will surely help you to get rid of this error code.

Practical ways to troubleshoot error code 0x80071ac3

The following are some of the effective solutions that you can try to fix this error.

Check the drive

Sometimes, your disc drive may be responsible for this error code 0x80071ac3. You can check if this is the reason for the occurence of this error. So, you have to follow the given below solutions to inspect the case:

  • In the beginning, you have to open the File Explorer. For that, you have to press the Windows Key+E simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • After that, you need to right-click on the affected drive and then tap on the Properties option.
  • Once you have successfully opened the Properties page, after that you have to go to the Tools tab. Then, you need to tap on the Check button.
  • If you are a Windows 10 user, then you can scan your drive and also you can repair the damaged drive. However, if you are a Windows 7. 8, or 8.1 users, then you need to choose all the options that have been available in the window. Once you are done with that, then you should click on the Start button and then the checking process will begin.


You have to wait for sometime, as the checking process may take some time. Once it is done, then your system will notify you about the required changes. You have to do the needful and then restart your machine. If this error code is still there, then don’t be afraid as we provided more than one solution for you. So, go to the next solution.

Disable the ReadyBoost

A lot of external storages come up with the inbuilt ReadyBoost features within it. ReadyBoost tool is basically designed to improve the USB flash drive performance. However, this is one of the major reasons for the occurence of this error 0x80071ac3 code on your system. Moreover, it may prevent your Windows to write or read anything from the disk. So if you deal with this issue then you can try this method to fix this error code. What you need to do is to simply disable the ReadyBoost features and for doing this you have to go through the undermentioned steps.

  • At first, you have to go the homepage of your machine and then click on the Start menu icon.
  • Now you need to locate the external USB drives, that has been affected by this trouble. After that right click on that and select the Properties option.
  • In the Properties page, you need to scroll down below until you see the ReadyBoost tab.
  • After that, you have to enable the ‘Do not use this device’ option.
  • Finally, click on the Ok button and then hit the Enter button.

Again, restart your device. If this method fails,then try the next one.

Reinstall the drivers

If you have already applied the above two steps but none of them work for you, then you should try this method. Sometimes, reinstalling the device drivers may fix this issue. For reinstalling at first, you have to go to your keyboard and press the Windows Key+X together. After pressing this the Windows menu page will appear on your screen. Once it opens, you should choose the Device Manager option.

Now you need to expand the full content of the Disk Drives section. Then, you should click on the affected drivers and drag it to the Uninstall option. You need to reconfirm the reinstall procedure by clicking on the OK button.

After that remove the device from your computer and reboot your computer and Insert the disk drive to your system. Within the Device Manager window, you should click on the Action option. After that choose the Scan button for the Hardware Changes.

Now Windows will reinstall the disk drivers as well as its drivers. After this error is resolved you should check if you are still facing this issue.

Formatting the drive

If you fail to solve this time as well, there is another alternative for you. A lot of users reported that they deal with this issue and once they delete or format all the files, they can easily overcome this trouble. However, before deleting they keep a backup of those files that they want to delete. So if you want to apply this method, then also you should keep a backup of your files and follow the below steps:

  • At first, you have to press the Windows+ E key simultaneously on your keyboard to open the File Explorer.
  • After that, you need to right click on the affected driver and then choose the Format option.
  • Ensure that you should tap on the ‘Restore device defaults’ option before clicking on the Start button.
  • A new window with warning message pops up on your screen. You have to read that warning message very carefully and then click on the OK button.

Once the formatting process is completed, you need to close your window and restart your machine. In the next setup check if you get this error code while storing any files within the external storage or not and if the issue is still making trouble for you, then go to the next one.

Use Command Prompt

Also, you can resolve this issue with the help of the Command Prompt. At first you have to right click on the Windows icon that is located at the lower side of your machine. Now you should choose the ‘command prompt’ button. Now you should type ‘chkdsk x: /B’. Now the B switch will identify the faulty cluster and repair them automatically.

Parting Words

We believe that with the help of the above solutions you can fix this critical issue on your own within a few minutes.

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