Workable Hacks To Troubleshoot error code 0xc00000f

Workable Hacks To Troubleshoot error code 0xc00000f

Although Windows 10 comes with complete features still it includes some technical glitches. Those glitches appear in the form of error codes. So the error needs to be fixed immediately. One of the most common errors includes error code 0xc00000f.

This error code is mainly associated with your Windows Boot Manager. Also, this error occurs when your Windows 10 is trying to read the Boot Configuration Data.

Focus on this article as you will get a complete idea on the possible causes, symptoms and also the effective steps to eradicate them. With the help of these steps, you can quickly overcome this issue on your own.

Probable Causes Behind Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f?

You must have a look at the probable causes and symptoms of this error code.

BCD is corrupt

Boot sector which is commonly known as Boot Configuration Database is used to load the Windows 10 in the memory for the execution purpose. If somehow this database is corrupt, then this error code 0xc00000f  will appear on your Windows 10 screen.

Malware Virus

Sometimes if your Windows 10 OS is affected by the malware virus, then it can damage your file and as a result, you may encounter this error code on your system.

The hard drive data cable is faulty

If you are using the HDD cable for several years, then there is a possibility that there is an internal fault with your cable. For that this error code may generate on your screen.

Now, look at the standard symptoms of this error.


When this error code occurs on your system, you will find all the active applications will stop immediately.  Windows 10 becomes slow and the keyboard and other hardware devices fail to work smooth.

Now that you are aware of the symptoms and causes of this error code, go through the practical solutions below in order to eliminate the glitches.

How to Fix error code 0xc00000f: Ultimate Guidance

Have a look at the troubleshooting techniques listed below to get your queries resolved.

Ensure that no additional devices are plugged in

Before you jump into the Startup Repair or in the command line it is better than you should turn on your machine with the external device. That will make sure that recently added devices are not the cause for this error code. This method can be perfect if you remove the recently added CDs, DVDs as well as the USB drivers which also includes a memory card reader as well. In a simple word, you have to make sure that all the recently added external devices are disconnected. After that restart your system and if you still see this error code on your computer then try the next one.

Use Windows 10 Startup Repair to solve Windows Boot Manager error 0xc00000f

Before using this method, you should have a Bootable USB Installation or a ready Windows 10 setup. The startup repair can help you to identify the corrupt and missing files and if any replacement is required, then replace it. This is a good way to resolve the damaged or corrupt BCD data files.

To apply these features, insert the Windows disk in the CD/ DVD reader and then reboot your computer or laptop. Then, within the Windows setup disc, you need to select the boot option. Once you see this option then you should press any key on your keyboard. After pressing the Windows Setup page will appear in front of your screen, then tap on the next button to get it started. Now go to the troubleshoot button and click on the Startup Repair button.

The startup repair will scan your computer and if any threat is found, then it will try to fix it. After that restart your computer and if you are still dealing with this issue, then go to the next method.

Rebuild the BCD

To fix this error issue you can use the bootrec.exe tool which is an inbuilt feature of the Windows 10 Operating System (in the Recovery section). This method also needs a Windows 10 installation disc so that you can access the bootrec.exe. The main purpose of using this tool is to rebuild your boot configuration data which control the starting operation of your Windows 10.

So follow the steps below:

  • At first, you have to Insert the Windows 10 install disc in your computer.
  • After that restart your machine and boot it from the disc. Now when the ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ message appears on your key, then you have to press any key from your keyboard.
  • You need to choose Repair your computer option after selecting the language, time and currencies.
  • After that, select your Windows installation drive and then click on the Next button.
  • Now when the System Recovery Option appears on your screen, you need to scroll down below and choose the Command Prompt option. Once the Command Prompt opens, then type ‘bootrec/rebuildbcd’ in the search field and hit the Enter button.

After that rebuilding process will start, you should wait for sometime for the completion of this process. Once it is finished, then you have to restart your computer and try to start your computer without this error code.

However, due to some reason if you are not able to rebuild the BCD, then you need to simply delete the previous BCD and then generate new Boot Configuration Data. For doing this, you should type the below commands within the Command Prompt. You have to press the Enter button after every line of code.

  • bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
  • c:
  • attrib bcd –s –h –r
  • ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
  • bootrec /RebuildBcd

Check the data cables, drivers and the BIOS

If the error issue still persists on your screen, then you need to unplug all the HDD data cables and after that plugged them again. Next, click on the ‘Restore factory settings’ option in the BIOS. Ensure that you should write down all the current BIOS settings those were previously selected. Also, you should check all the drivers. Just make sure that all of your data cables are connected properly and in case you find any change is needed, then do the needful and after that again restart your system.

Use the CHKDSK utility

If you have already applied the above methods, but none of them work for you, then you can run the CHKDSK utility to fix this error.

Here are the steps that you should follow to run the CHKDSK:

  • At first, Boot your machine from the Windows install disc.
  • Then click on the Repair your computer button after choosing the proper language, time as well as the keyboard input.
  • Then choose the Windows 10 installation drive, that is usually started with C:\, and  after that click on the Next button.
  • You should select the ‘Command Prompt’ when you see a dialog box beside the System Recovery Options.
  • Type ‘chkdsk C: /f’ within the required field and hit the Enter button.

Wait till the process is complete and again restart your machine and now this error code 0xc00000f will not trouble you any more.

Parting Words

Hope this article was helpful for you to overcome this issue completely. Let us know your feedback and comments.

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