A Perfect Guide To Terminate Error Code 0xc000014c

A Perfect Guide To Terminate Error Code 0xc000014c

Windows is a user-friendly software that is used by millions of users on a global scale. Despite of its functionalities, it is also not free from errors. Error code 0xc000014c is one of the common Windows startup issues. Basically, users encounter this error at the time they reboot their system. It indicates that a part of Registry is damaged.

In case if you are also confronting the same issue then you have to solve it at the earliest otherwise your system may get damaged severely. Keeping that in mind, some of the most effective tricks are discussed below.

Potential causes of the error code 0xc000014c

Several factors are responsible for getting this error in your device. Some common reasons are listed hereunder:

  • Corrupt boot configuration data.
  • Faulty or damaged system files.
  • Recently downloaded new software.
  • Damage or faulty hardware.
  • Outdated device driver.

Indications of error code 0xc000014c

When you get the Windows 10 error code 0xc000014c in your system you also find some indications that will annoy you the most:

  • The sudden shutdown of your device.
  • The system requires a frequent restart.
  • An error message pops up on the screen constantly.
  • The system runs sluggishly and responds slowly.

Smart ways to fix error code 0xc000014c

As error code 0xc000014c is very common in occurrence, most of the users face difficulty while troubleshooting it. Keeping that in mind, we are going to discuss some proven hacks that will surely be helpful for you. So, execute the steps very carefully and do it on your own.

Method 1: Perform a System Restore

If you want to go for this method then you have to perform the steps mentioned below. The steps are quite different depending on the Operating System you are using. If you are using Windows 10 then these methods are applicable for you. To do so, at first, open your device by tapping on the Start icon. After that, navigate to the Setup screen and choose Next. Then select “Repair your computer” and click on it. Now, move to the “Troubleshoot” icon and choose “System Restore.” After that choose “Operating System” and tap on it. A new window will open on the screen and you have to tap on Next. Now, choose a restore point and press the Next for one more time. Finally, hit on Finish and keep waiting while the computer goes back to the normal working state.

Method 2: Recreate the BCD files

There can be many causes behind the malfunctioning of the Boot configuration data showing the error code 0xc000014c. At that time, recreating the BCD files is the ultimate fix for you. First, you need to be sure that you already have the Windows installation media in your device. If you do not have it then you might face some issues while executing the steps.

  • Open your system by tapping on the Start icon.
  • After that, navigate to the Setup screen and choose Next. Then select “Repair your computer” and click on it.
  • Now, choose “Troubleshoot” and tap on “Command Prompt.”
  • You have to put the commands exactly the same as listed below.

Bootrec /FixMbr

Bootrec /FixBoot

Bootrec /ScanOS

Bootrec /RebuildBcd

  • After putting the command serially type chkdsk /f /r and choose the Enter key and press on it.
  • By this process, the bad sectors will automatically be repaired. Be careful that by this method you might lose the data and information from the hard drive. Thus you need to keep a record of the documents.
  • Finally, restart your device and check if the error 0xc000014c is still occuring or not.

Method 3: Remove the external hardware

Seldom external peripherals create conflicts in the system and show error code 0xc000014c. So you need to be sure that you are not using any faulty or damaged hardware. To follow the step at first, you must detach all the hardware that is attached to your computer. But do not remove the mouse. Now, move to the left side of the screen and select the Restart icon and click on it. Wait for few minutes and check if the error gets fixed or not.

Method 4: Boot in good configuration

A regular uninstallation and installation may interfere with the system present in the device. At that time this method is helpful for you as well. First, go to the left side of the screen and click on the Restart icon. Restart your device and then press the F12 and F8 key. Now, choose “Last known good configuration” that is shown on the screen. By choosing the option your device restarts automatically and at that time do not press any key.

Method 5: Check and repair the corrupted files

A damaged or faulty system file is one of the main causes that are responsible for getting this particular error code. So soon you find any malicious file in your device, you need to delete this otherwise your system may be damaged badly. To do so, first, turn on your computer and click on the Start button. After that, from the keyboard press and hold the X and Windows key at the same time. It will open the Command Prompt. After that, type “sfc /scannow” and hit on the Enter key. You can see the corrupt files on the screen. Choose the files you want to delete. Click on the Delete option and wait for a few minutes. Finally, restart your device and check if the error code 0xc000014c pop-ups on the screen.

Method 6: Boot in safe mode

If the above methods are not sufficient for you then you can choose this one as an alternative. The thing you need to do is, switch on your device and tap and hold the Windows and R key altogether on your keyboard. It will help to run the command window. Now, navigate to the search bar and type cmd in it. After that, press the Ctrl, Shift and Enter key simultaneously to open the Administrator Command Prompt. Keep in mind that do not tap the Enter or click OK as it does not start the Command Prompt in the administer mode. Then, copy and paste the command as mentioned below.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Now hit the Enter key and proceed. At the final stage, reboot your device. Press the F8 button and choose the Boot option. Finally, select “Safe mode” and click on it.

Hopefully, by the above solutions, you will surely get rid of boot configuration data file is missing Windows 10 issue permanently. But in case if you find any difficulty then do not hesitate to share your queries with us.

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