Stop Windows 10 Update: Contact Windows Helpdesk

Stop Windows 10 Update: Contact Windows Helpdesk

Windows is a capable Operating System but every now and then a problem crops up with it. For example, several users ask questions like ‘how to Stop Windows 10 update?’ for multiple reasons. Users ask this for update related issues continuously interfering with their work.

If you’re are encountering the same issue, then no need to worry. We have a team of highly skilled engineers at Windows Helpdesk who specialized in Windows and Network related issue. We can fix such issues right away.

Apparent Causes For Stop Windows 10 Update

There are multiple reasons for which users look for ways to stop Windows 10 update. Now, have a look at the most probable causes below:

  • There can be an issue for poor internet connection.
  • If your device doesn’t have enough space, then it can create this kind of update issue.
  • Virus or malware infection can also be responsible for the update related problems.
  • The setup from which you’re installing Windows 10 might itself be a corrupt one.
  • If your PC lags or freezes continuously, then it can also cause the issue.
  • The issue can be for corrupted system files

How To Stop Windows 10 Update? – Some Easy Troubleshooting Steps

There are various troubleshooting steps to answer the question “How to stop Windows 10 update?”. In this article, we have provided you with the most appropriate solutions that will help to resolve Windows related issues quickly. Now, have a look at the methods below:

Solution 1: Stop Windows 10 Update Using Local Group Policy

If you are using Windows 10, then you can easily use the local policy editor to change the settings. This is one of the most effective ways that prevent your device from automatically installing and downloading updates.

  • At first, press and hold the Windows + R and then enter the command “gpedit.msc.”
  • After that click on Ok and the go to the Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Now, follow the path: {Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update}
  • Look for the ‘Configure Automatic Updates’ option, simply double-click on it.
  • Select Disable and click the Apply button.
  • Finally, click on OK to finish the procedure.

Solution 2: Block Automatic Updates Using Registry

To stop the automatic update, you also have an alternate option. Now, using the Registry, you can easily stop the automatic update. To do that, follow the given instructions:

First, press and hold the Windows and R to open Run. Then type in “regedit” and click on Ok. After that, open the Registry and then simply follow the given path:


Now, right-click on the Windows logo key and then select the New option. Next, click on Key, then simply rename it as Windows Update. Then hit Enter. When done, just right-click on the newly renamed key and choose New and press Key option. Next, rename the newly created key as AU and hit the Enter. Then, again select the key and press New and select “DWORD (32-bit) Value” option. Name it as NoAutoUpdate and again hit Enter. Finally, double-click on it and simply change its value from 0-1, then click Ok option.

After following these steps, your system will stop receiving automatic updates.

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