Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition | Features, Download, FAQ

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition | Features, Download, FAQ

The Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition is an ad-supported free version of Office 2010. It can help you to create and edit Excel spreadsheets and simple word documents. This pack can help you to fulfill all the work requirements and is considered ideal for home users.

If you are still in a dilemma and unable to decide whether you are going to opt for this package then here you will get a vivid insight on Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition – Features, Download, FAQ.

Features of Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition

Microsoft Office Starter Edition 2010 reduces the functionality and provides you access to Microsoft Word and Excel. Also, Microsoft Starter does not contain Outlook, as well as, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Some basic features include editing, password protecting. However, it also incorporates some powerful features such as understanding the track comments as well as changing it in the document. 

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 can generate a table of contents. Also, this can help you to perform some advanced data analysis. For example, customize the Ribbon. By using this version you can easily send the document back to the people who are using the full version of the Word excel.

How to Download the Microsoft 2010 Starter?

Now, the query arises, how can you avail this package. Basically, the Starter edition is free but you can not directly download it from Microsoft’s official website. Microsoft Starter Edition is preinstalled in the new Windows computers and only available for original manufacturers.

Fortunately, there is a link available on the internet, which can help you can directly download the service. Simply, copy the link and paste it on the address bar. Thereafter hit the Enter key.

Note- If you wish, you may replace the ‘en-us’ string with your own local string. Also, you can install the Office Starter 2010 only in Windows 7 and Vista.

Starter Edition also allows you to create a portable version. You can easily carry it on a USB drive in order to use it on another device. For that,  proceed to the All Programs. From there, proceed to launch the ‘Office Starter To-Go Device Manager’. Then, click on the Microsoft Office Starter option. 

Microsoft Office 2010 Download: Easy Ways To Download

Additionally, if you intend to use Microsoft Office 2010, the advanced version, then you must know that it supports both the 32 bit and 64-bit versions. Read on to know the download and installation procedure for both these versions. 

Download and Install 32- bit Default Office 2010

If you want to install a 32-bit default version of the 2010 Office, check out the following points:

  1. First, you have to insert the Office 2010 disc into the drive. Now, in case, the setup wizard does not start automatically, move to the disc drive and tap on the SETUP.EXE.
  2. When you see the SETUP.EXE, type the product key within the given filed.
  3. Next,  accept the License Terms agreement. Tap on Continue.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Microsoft Office. Once completed, hit the Close button.
  5. Furthermore, within the Activation wizard, select the “Want to activate the software over the internet’ button.

To keep the Office programs functional, you have to activate the Office. For that, first, click on the File option. Then, tap on the Help button. Furthermore, select the Activate Product Key option.

Install 64-bit Default Office 2010

Before installing the 64 bit Office, ensure that you are operating a 64-bit window. Next, put the Office 2010 installation disc in the computer.

Afterward, click on the Start button. Then, tap on the Computer button. In addition, you need to right-click on the disc drive where you have inserted the Office 2010 installation disc. Click on the Open option.

Next, within the installation disc open the x64 folder.  Furthermore, double-click on the SETUP.EXC. Once the setup procedure is completed, enter the product key and follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the default installation.

If you want to install certain programs from the Office, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, then, first, initiate the installation of the Office suite. Within the ‘Choose the installation you want box’, tap on the Customize button. 

Next, you should proceed to the Installation Options tab. After that, you should right-click on the programs that you don’t want to install. Furthermore, select the Not Available option. Next, mark the box next to the ‘‘Install now to complete the custom installation’ button.


  • What is the Product Key?

Product is basically a 25 -character code that comes with the Office Product. By using the Product key you can install and activate the Office product on your device.

  • Where Can you find the Product Key?

In case, you have purchased the Office product key card, you will find the product key inside the package. However, if the product key is not available inside the package, you should read the instructions in the package.

In case, you buy and download the product key online, you will see the product key on the confirmation page. Else, when you download the software the product key will be sent to the email address.

  • How much time it will take to Download a Product Key?

Depending on the internet connection speed as well as the size of the Office product downloading time might vary. It is advised to use the high-speed broadband connection for downloading purposes.