Microsoft Office Encountered An Error During Setup: Solve It With Our Support

Microsoft Office Encountered An Error During Setup: Solve It With Our Support

Is your Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup? If yes you’re in the right place. Microsoft Office comes with a bundle of applications which is really significant in our daily works. All of the applications grouped under Microsoft Office is highly demanding in both personal as well as professional purposes. However, several glitches infest the Microsoft Office from time to time. The error codes, one of which we had already mentioned towards the beginning is the one that really wrecks the users the most. But don’t bother much about it if you are one of the users stuck with such an error code because we are there to make your journey smooth. You can simply get in touch with us in order to proceed with your usual work as smoothly as possible.

Microsoft Office Error Code 30068: Know It Closely

Basically, the error code 30068 occurs during the Microsoft Office setup. Various reasons could cause the Microsoft Office error code 30068. Generally, the error code occurs due to a corrupted or incomplete installation of the system files. In some cases, a virus or malware attack can cause the error code. The Windows registry going corrupt during the installation procedure can also occur the error code 30068. Sometimes the error code also surfaces because of a conflict between a 32-bit system and a 64-bit application and vice-versa.

How To Fix Microsoft Office Encountered An Error During Setup?

There are several ways to fix the Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup. However, we have provided the most accurate ones for you. To get rid of the issue quickly, apply these methods step-by-step:

Solution 1: Run The Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Before trying any complicated troubleshooting, it will be worth a try to run the Windows Store applications troubleshooter. Here’s how you can:

  • First of all, click on the Start button and open the Settings.
  • Then, press the Update And Security button and then select the Troubleshoot.
  • Now, find the  Windows Apps Troubleshooter and then Run it.
  • Once done, Restart your device.

Solution 2: Update Windows

Since the error code has notably detected with Microsoft Office, it would probably be an internal bug with the application itself, and hence, Microsoft should have an eye on it. They would be working towards resolving it, a resolution that would be launched with a Windows Update. Still, here are some of the modes devised after a thorough research by our certified engineers to Update the Windows below:

  • First, click the Start button and then choose All Programs.
  • After that, select the Windows Update option.
  • Then, check for the available Updates.
  • Now, click on the Available Updates and wait as the Updates install.

Solution 3: Uninstall The Interfering Antivirus Software

Sometimes, an antivirus internet security program could prevent the proper installation of Microsoft Office. In that case, you can check your antivirus software. If you find that the antivirus software conflicts with the Microsoft Office and prevents it from installation, then you can uninstall the antivirus software. Here are the procedures to remove your antivirus software below:

Start your PC in Safe Mode > hold and press the Windows + R > then type “appwiz.cpl” and finally, click on Ok. Now, select the application that you want to uninstall and then click on Remove or Uninstall.

Solution 4: Rename Microsoft Help Folder

To fix the Microsoft office encountered an error during setup you can change the name of the Microsoft Office help folder. Some cases, it would stop conflicting with the newly installed applications.

  • At first, press and hold Windows + R.
  • Then, type the command “%programdata%.”
  • After that, press Enter.
  • Now, locate the folder named “Microsoft Help.”
  • Then, rename it to “Microsoft Help.old.”
  • Finally, Reboot your device.

Solution 5: Remove The Microsoft Office Software In The System And Reinstall It

If none of the above methods mentioned does work, then you can remove the Microsoft Office from your system. Once, you are in the Control Panel, and you can easily remove it from the Add or Remove Programs option. After that, you can always install a fresh copy of it on your system for the renewed performance of your favourite software.

Still, Having An Issue? Solve It With Our Microsoft Tech Support Team

In case, you’re still unable to fix the Microsoft office encountered an error during setup, no need to worry! We have a group of experienced technical experts who can efficiently resolve your issue. Our Microsoft Office Support Team is always around the clock at your disposal. So, contact with us and get immediate solutions at an affordable rate.

You can call us at our Helpline Number+1-855-772-9117 and get an instant solution. Moreover, you can write us a mail at our official mail ID [email protected]. As an add-on, you can also avail our live chat support portal and directly talk to our executive 24*7.

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