Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4: Easy Hacks To Solve Error Codes

Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4: Easy Hacks To Solve Error Codes

The Microsoft Office error code 30068-4 occurs while a user tries to install, update, operate and uninstall the Microsoft Office application from the device. It’s the most condemnatory problem related to the Microsoft Office software and leads to complete system shutdown. But do not panic. This error with Microsoft Office is fixable.

If you are also facing the Microsoft Office 365 error code 30068-4, then without further delay read the article. In this guide, the reasons that cause the error, as well as techniques to resolve the issue are given.

Reasons Behind Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4

There are several reasons for the software to get infected with this issue. Some of them are the flaws with the firewall, antivirus programs, temporary file errors as well as the difficulties with the update.

Moreover, the preinstalled version of the application can lead to the Microsoft Office error code 30068-4. The difficulties with the configuration in both the Operating System and the Microsoft Office can lead to numerous challenges.

The error also corrupts the functioning of other software, for example, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Outlook and many more.

Further, it freezes the Microsoft Office entirely and stops the whole system from running. The issue even appears in the order when the user tries to establish a location for the software. Sometimes, doing that the device hangs,  which leads to the permanent death of the machine.

Quick Steps To Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4

  • Disable Firewall

Select the Start menu and then hold the CTRL+R to open the Control panel. Search the Firewall and hit on it. Select on the Turnoff menu and activate it. Turn off the firewall and provide it 20 to 30 seconds to disable. Restart the device and check if Microsoft Office error code 30068-4 still occurs.

  • Temporarily disable the Antivirus

Open the system and look for the Antivirus logo in the Taskbar. Right-click on the icon and the continue next to the Real-Time scanning option. Select the Turnoff Temporarily button and disable the Antivirus. Save the function on the device and reboot it.

  • Return To The Previous Edition

Select the CTRL+R and open the Control panel. In the search bar find Properties and Features and hit Enter. Choose the Microsoft Office icon and then click on Uninstall. Reboot the system and reinstall the application again. Check if the version of the app matches the Operating System.

  • Delete Duplicate Materials

In the Control panel type %program files%. Go to the Programme files and select the Microsoft Office icon. Delete the Office 15, 16 records and again type %program files(x86)%. Check the removal of data by scanning the system. Also, check the registry of the Operating System by navigating towards the HKEY_LOCAL_MECHINEkeys for the Microsoft Office. Moreover, delete those keys and scan the system again.

  • Operate Via System Scanner

Open the system and select the Windows logo key and then press R to open the run box. Open the Command prompt and operate it as the admin of the system. Right-click on the cmd and provide the username as well as the password there. As the interface of the Command prompt opens type  SFC /SCANNOW and hit the Enter key. Check if the system still shows the error.

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