How To Move Microsoft Office To Another Drive [Complete Guide]

How To Move Microsoft Office To Another Drive [Complete Guide]

The option of “Move installed apps to another drive” is not commonly a useful feature for those who have hundreds of GBs on their devices. However, it is useful for those who have not enough space on their device. They neither need to re-install Microsoft Office nor launch the Command prompt as well.

At the same time, it will free up GBs of space on your system too. If you are seeking ways on how to move Microsoft Office to another drive, then here is how you can do the same.

But before proceeding with the steps you have to be sure that you are connected with an internet connection. And it is also advised not to jump any steps as it might halt your moving process.

How to Move Microsoft Office to Another Drive? Stepwise Instructions

Have a deep look at the entire guide and then implement them carefully. So let’s start the discussion first.

Office 365

The very first thing you have to do is to install the programs to your device. Then, you have to log in to your account. To do so, first, launch a web browser and click on the Address bar.

Write down and press the Enter button. Now, select an Installer depending on your Operating System.

Once the installation is completed, select the Download folder and open it. After that, log in to your Office 365 account by providing the correct credentials. Now, click on the Sync option and be sure that all the files that are available on your device.

Existing Software

If you want to connect the existing software, then, first of all, you have to tap on the Windows Start button followed by a Microsoft Office program. After that, find the Activate button and click on it.

Now, log in to your account and provide the correct username and password. In case if you don’t have an existing account, then navigate to and create a new account from here.

Go through the instructions shown on the display to open a new account. Once you have put the password and username, you might be asked to choose the mailing list and allow the terms and conditions. By this process, you will get full access to your programs.

Download with a Product Key

When you have purchased MS Office from an online retailer, you will get a product key. This product key help to activate the programs via the use of the official website while you are transferring a program.

Now, install the Office programs from your account and run the installation guide. Enter the password and username followed by a short validation check. We suggest you uninstall the old version and then try to install the new version.

We expect that the above three solutions will be enough for you to know how to move Microsoft Office to another drive.