[Fixed] Microsoft Office Icons Not Showing Correctly Windows 10

[Fixed] Microsoft Office Icons Not Showing Correctly Windows 10

Microsoft Office icons not showing correctly Windows 10 is a strange issue that generally occurs if you have not set up Windows to save Taskbar thumbnail previews. The corrupted icon cache file can be another reason that can create this problem.

Mostly the users face this issue while updating Windows to the latest versions or while using the app manually from the search function. So if you are the one who is continuously facing this problem and looking for effective solutions, then here are some methods that can help you to eliminate this problem.

Easy Methods to Fix Microsoft Office Icons Not Showing Correctly in Windows 10:

While you notice icons not showing in Windows 10, then apply these easy methods and try to erase the problem completely.

1. Run App Troubleshooter

Whenever you see something is going wrong with your Windows 10 Apps, it is better to run the in-built Windows app troubleshooter. This is a useful tool that can provide quick solutions to any kind of app-related problem. For launching the app troubleshooter, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open settings
  • Go to the Update & Security option.
  • Click on the Troubleshoot.
  • Search the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter and run it.

2.  Run System File Checker

If there are any corrupted or missing files in your system, then it could be another reason that icons are not showing in Windows 10. In this case, running a System File checker may fix the issue.

  • Click on the Windows Icon and type cmd in the search bar.
  • Choose cmd or Command Prompt from the search result.
  • Once you see a black window with a blinking cursor, type sfc/scannow, and hit the Enter button.
  • SFC scan will start now and it will detect and repair all the corrupted files in your system.
  • After completing the whole process, check if the problem still persists or not.

3.  Check Save Taskbar Thumbnail Previews

As per our user’s report, most of the time they can resolve this problem by enabling save taskbar thumbnail previews. So if you do not know how to do it, then go through these steps listed below.

  • Click on the Windows logo from the left corner of your desktop.
  • Type “run” in the search box.
  • Once you get the Run box, enter sysdm.cpl and hit Enter.
  • It will open the System Properties menu.
  • Now go to the Advanced tab and then click on the Settings button.
  • Navigate to the Performance Options menu and hit on the Visual Effects tab and set the toggle to custom.
  • Give a tick mark to Save taskbar thumbnail previews box and click on the Apply option.
  • Reboot your system and check if the issue gets resolved or not.

4. Reset Apps

Reset all problematic apps and try to fix the problem. Reset is one of the quickest solutions that can resolve most of the problems. So without wasting time, follow these steps.

  • Open Settings and choose Apps.
  • Navigate to Apps & Features and choose the problematic app.
  • Hit on the Advanced options and try to fix the app.
  • If you are unable to repair the app, then go for the Reset option and check the issue.

5. Modify the Icon Scale

This is another solution that you apply if Microsoft Office icons not showing correctly in Windows 10. Generally, the icon scale is set to the default value that is 100 %. Change it 125% and check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

  • Open the Run box by pressing the Windows + R at the same time.
  • Type in the box, “ms-settings:easeofaccess-display” and press the Enter button.
  • It will directly open the Display tab of the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and hit on the Make Everything bigger tab> go to Change the size of apps drop-down menu and select 125%.
  • Reboot your system and check if the icons are showing correctly or not.

6. Recreate the Icon Cache

All the displaying icons are saved in the icon cache. But due to some unwanted reasons if this icon cache gets damaged, then icons will not be showing correctly. So better you recreate this icon cache and eliminate this problem.

  • Press the Windows+R to open the Run Window box.
  • Type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the Command prompt.
  • Once the User Account Control window will pop up, click on Yes.
  • Type the below commands in the Command Prompt box and press Enter after each command.

                           ie4uinit.exe -show 

                           taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F 

                           DEL /A /Q “%localappdata%\IconCache.db”

                           DEL /A /F /Q “%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\iconcache*”

                           shutdown /r /f /t 00

  • After entering the last command, your system will restart instantly. So make sure you save all your important files.
  • After the restart, check if the icons are showing or not. 

Note- After using all the methods if the issue still persists, then you can use a repair tool that will scan and repair all the corrupted and missing files. There are several repair tools that are available online so that you can easily download them. Run the scan and find out and repair all the registry issues.

When you install any new software or update any application, then this problem may occur. In this situation, you have to uninstall all the software and application to resolve the problem.

Concluding Words

If you are the one who is experiencing this problem, then you must try the above-mentioned methods to solve Microsoft office icons not showing correctly in Windows 10. Hopefully, you will not find any difficulties in understanding all the steps mentioned here.