Network Settings Blocking Party Chat Windows 10 Issue

Network Settings Blocking Party Chat Windows 10 Issue

The latest version of Windows 10 comes with a lot of additional features which has improved the operating system’s graphics capabilities for games. One such popular feature among those is the integration of Xbox using the Xbox app. Through this integration, you can easily do a party chat between the Xbox console and Windows 10 computer using Xbox app. But a lot of users are facing troubles while using the party chat. They get error code 0x89231806 on their computer along with a message which indicates that the network settings blocking party chat Windows 10.

network settings blocking party chat windows 10

Is your Windows 10 Xbox app party chat not working?

If you are unable to communicate with your teammates while you are playing an online game, then you might feel discouraged. It is quite an interrupting issue as you are disconnected from the party chat automatically and once if you are disconnected, you won’t be able to reconnect it. It prevents you from using the chatting feature though you are allowed to play games. Generally, two types of errors arise at this time- first is “error 0x89231806 windows 10” and second is “Network settings block chat for some people.” If you receive the previous error it means there have been NAT related issues.

If you get this error, you can try out the following solutions recommended by our experts to resolve this error. Xbox app party chat uses IPv6 tunneling or Teredo, so if IPv6 is disabled on the settings of your computer then you will not be able to use the party chat. Also, IPv6 uses Windows Firewall to make the connection. In order to conduct a party chat, it is necessary that both IPv6 and Windows Firewall are enabled. Check to verify whether the requirement is fulfilled or not. If still the problem remains, seek our professional’s help to resolve network settings blocking party chat windows 10 issue.

Our team provides affordable solutions to fix this issue:

Our group of professionals is highly experienced in handling these problems. They diagnose the cause of the issue and accordingly provide services to resolve it. They offer following services to the clients:

  • Open the ports which are blocked by default to remove functionality issue
  • Uninstall various third-party network tools and adapters
  • Change the default playback device and the default communication
  • Use Command prompt to execute and enable the Teredo client
  • Provide help for enabling Windows Firewall and IPv6
  • Clear the persistent storage which holds the files related to Blu-ray discs
  • Reset the MAC address on Xbox device

Reach us for convenient solutions:

To get instant response from our experts regarding the issue, you can call us at our toll-free Windows 10 technical support number:+1-855-772-9117. We are accessible 24 hours for assisting our clients. You can also opt for our email services by emailing us your issues regarding the network settings issue and we will respond to it as soon as possible. You can also interact and chat with our executives through Live Chat support and get solutions online. If not satisfied, you might also choose our remote support from the help desk.