Resolve Microsoft Error Code 0x80070652: Avail Class-Apart Tech Services

Resolve Microsoft Error Code 0x80070652: Avail Class-Apart Tech Services

Microsoft helps people and business corporations to realize their full potential, throughout the world. You need to install system updates in Windows, at regular intervals, to ensure it is working accurately. Often, Microsoft users report that, during the installation process, they come across the Microsoft error code 0x80070652 message. It means another installation is running in the background. This error might have an association with conflicting files, among the ones that were previously installed and also the recent ones. Interestingly, this problem can be encountered in the Blue Screen of Death environment.

Basic Reasons Behind Microsoft Error Code 0x80070652

There are numerous factors that can generate error code 0x80070652, but the causes differ from one PC to another. Take a look at the list of the most common causes of this issue:

  • If you find that multiple Windows installers are processing at the same time, then it can generate real-time errors.
  • You might have installed malicious files such as virus or malware files; it can affect the critical data of your computer.
  • If you are trying to download a separate application while Windows is upgrading its system, then there is a chance that your OS might get affected.
  • If the previous upgradation process failed or was damaged due to malicious activity, then it can lead to problems.
  • Other probable reasons are corruption in the Windows registry or potential fault in the Drivers.

Understanding when and why a certain error occurs, is half the battle won. Take a look at some easy-to-apply solutions that you can try to resolve the error.

How Can You Fix Microsoft Update Error Code 0x80070652?

To eradicate the problem, follow the step by step measures mentioned below. You can easily carry out the process, even if you are not a tech-savvy person.

Fix 1: Run Clean Boot

The most basic method that you can apply is to run the Clean Boot. It will help you to fix the Windows issue at the earliest by loading Microsoft services correctly. Additionally, it prevents loading any third party applications which can conflict with the Microsoft files and lead to several errors.

  • First, enter the command “msconfig” in the search dialog box. Then, from the search results, choose “System Configuration”. After that, hit the Service tab which you can locate on the System Configuration dialog box.
  • Hide all Microsoft services choice and tick the “Disable all” button. Then, click the Startup tab and choose the link denoting Open Task Manager.
  • You will find several items, under the Startup tab of your Task Manager. End the process of the Task Manager and hit the OK button on System Configuration dialog box.
  • Lastly, reboot your computer and verify if the error message still persists. If Microsoft error code 0x80070652 reappears, then proceed with the subsequent alternative.

Fix 2: Download Update Package Manually

This procedure will guide you to download and install Windows update manually. At the end of the process, you will be able to mitigate the error with ease.

  • To start with, click the Start button and go to the Settings menu. This will lead you to the Windows Settings. Now, choose to update the security settings for Windows Update. Navigate through clicks: Recovery > backup on the Windows Settings.
  • Try to locate an update that had previously failed to install. Click on Update history and then, hit on “Failed to install” to view added information. Note the name of the update.
  • Lastly, open Edge or a separate browser. Now, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog. Enter the noted update name in the Search box. Confirm your action by tapping Enter. You will find that as soon as you click Download, the updates will automatically start the process.

For More Guidance, Connect With The Microsoft Support Experts

Resolving your Microsoft error code 0x80070652 problem is our top priority. Our engineers are reliable and commit to bringing top-notch services at your fingertips. Dial the Microsoft Support helpline number +1-855-772-9117 and instantly get connected with us for 24×7 assured professional help. Otherwise, you can also mail us or go for a live chat.


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