No Sound Windows 10: Avail Expert Advice From Our tech Experts

No Sound Windows 10: Avail Expert Advice From Our tech Experts

When we talk about Windows 10 OS then the first thing that comes to our mind is the various features that this OS provides. Despite the fact that this OS  has many good characteristics, yet you can get plenty of errors while you use this system software. Now, one such kind of issue that you can get is the no sound windows 10 issue. In the section that follows, you will get the information regarding the cause of the given issue.

Why  No Sound On Computer Windows 10 Happens?

The no sound in Windows 10 issue can happen due to various reasons, these causes are as follows. Firstly, if the sound driver gets corrupted due to some reason then you can get this issue. Secondly, if the installed sound card starts to malfunction then also you can encounter this problem. Thirdly, somehow if you have muted the system audio then also you might get this error. Lastly, if your speakers are not connected to the machine correctly, then you cannot hear any sound.

Steps To Solve The No Sound Windows 10 Issue

Here, we are providing the steps to solve the no sound Windows 10 issue. This is one of the common glitches that you can face in the Windows 10 OS. Therefore read the following the steps and try to fix the issue.

Update The Driver

If somehow you have a corrupt driver software in your sound card then the no sound issue will prop up. Therefore, go to the ‘Device Manager’ from the ‘Control Panel’  by navigating to the category ‘Hardware and Sound’ and click on it. In the ‘Device Manager’ go to the ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ and ‘Sound, video and game controllers’, then update the drivers of the audio device and sound card respectively.

Inspect The Sound Settings In Windows OS

Sometimes mistakenly mute the sound in your machine you can get this issue. So, always check the speaker volume by hovering the mouse pointer over the speaker icon, which is present before the ‘time and date’ in the ‘taskbar’. If the sound is muted then click on the speaker icon and again click on the box to unmute.

Check The Connection Of Your Audio Device

If the connection between the cables of your speakers or any other audio device is not proper with the PC, then you can get this issue. Thus, it necessary for you to check the connection of every audio device with the machine thoroughly.

Use Windows Troubleshooter

To fix the no sound windows 10 issue you can run the built-in Windows Troubleshooter program. If you do this, then it may solve the problem.

Re-install The Sound Card Driver

You can resolve this issue if you uninstall the driver of the sound card and then reinstall it. To get to the sound card driver you need to follow the steps in the first point till the ‘Device Manager’. Then go to the ‘Audio, video and game controllers. ‘ Go to ‘Properties’. Next, find the ‘Driver’ tab and click ‘Uninstall’ to uninstall the driver of the sound card. After this, when you will restart the machine then the driver should be installed automatically.

Contact Our Support Team For Availing Instant Service

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