Skype Problem With Playback Device: Get Effortless Solution

Skype Problem With Playback Device: Get Effortless Solution

Skype is an instant messaging app which facilitates to share the data individually as well as in a group. However, some of the major drawbacks bring significant challenges to Skype users. Most of the standard error is the Skype problem with the playback device. Due to this error, you can encounter many disruptions during a call such as you won’t be able to hear the sound or get the video feeds. However, we hope this article will help you to identify the Skype Problem With Playback Device and resolve it without any conflicts.

Common Skype Problem With Playback Device

Lots of reasons are responsible for making the Skype playback device errors. We have discussed some of them along with the primary symptoms.

Call Failure Issue

If you find any playback device error, then you won’t be able to make a call. Though, you have placed a call but won’t enjoy a smooth service for internal reasons. Sometimes, a poor network issue creates a barrier in getting a flawless calling facility. Again, incorrect settings of the playback device in Skype may create a big problem in Skype calling service.

Difficulty With Sound Card

Sound Card conflict creates a problem in making a Skype call. Therefore, you can’t hear the sound clearly during a video call. This annoying issue happens due to a faulty sound card or a Skype configuration error.

Resolve Skype Playback Device Error With Basic Steps

Restart Skype

If your Skype app is running, then you can find the Skype logo in your taskbar. So, you have to the right click on that icon and select the option “Quit” from the pop-up menu. Finally, click on “Yes” in the dialogue box to confirm the Skype exit process. Now, re-open your Skype account, and we hope you can remove the fundamental Skype video calling problem easily.

Remove Audio Device

First, type “Device Manager” in the search box and open the Device Manager window. After that, navigate the mouse pointer in the Sound, video and game controllers section and choose your audio device. Now, right click on it and select the option, “Uninstall” to remove it. Finally, wait for 2-3 minutes to uninstall the audio device and restart your system. We hope it will remove the Skype call failed problem with playback device error instantly.

Disable Audio Device

Go to the Device Manager and choose your audio device. Then, tap on it and right-click on it. After that, select the option, “Disable” to disable your audio device temporarily.

Again, go to the same section and now choose “Enable” to re-activate your audio device.

Check and Set Proper Playback Device

Open your Skype account first and tap on ‘Tools” tab. Here, you have to select “Options.” After that, go to the Audio settings section and expand Speakers section. Choose your playback device and click on “Save” to set it for your Skype app.

Finally, reboot your System and try to connect with others via video calls.

Reset Configuration Files

First, close all the background apps including your Skype account. Now, press Windows +R to open the Run dialog box. Here, you have to type “%appdata%” and stroke “enter” key to open the AppData list. Now, choose the option “Skype” and right click on it to rename with another name. Finally, run the file with the new name and check the playback device error goes away or not.

Still, if you are facing the Skype problem with playback device error, then don’t hesitate to contact us for technical assistance.

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