Know How To Start Windows 10 Safe Mode: Get Expert Assistance

Know How To Start Windows 10 Safe Mode: Get Expert Assistance

Safe mode is an alternative way of booting the Windows Operating System that makes it easier for you to detect the issues with your computer. The Safe Mode runs only with the fundamental programs which are the Operating System of your computer, the basic input devices like the mouse, keyboard and some other essential drivers. However, you may come up with Windows 10 Safe Mode not working issue sometimes. This can be a serious concern for you if you want to run the Safe Mode and you are unable to perform the procedure. In situations like this, you might wonder how you can start Windows 10 in Safe Mode. Read through this article to find some easy hacks to run Windows 10 Safe Mode.

Why You Need To Run Windows 10 On Safe Mode

There can be several reasons to run your system in Safe Mode. Before starting the Safe Mode you should know some of the reasons where you need to run your system in Safe Mode.

You can run your Operating System in Safe Mode if your system is not booting properly. This can detect the exact cause behind such behaviour of your OS. If your system is affected by malware, then it is safe that you opt for the Safe Mode option to at least to create the backup of your important documents. Moreover, you should always run the Safe Mode if suddenly your computer crashes while you are working. This will help you to save all your tasks once you restart the machine and open your OS in Safe Mode.

Besides this, if there is a problem in any of the drivers of your computer, then it is recommended that you restart your machine and run it on Safe Mode to detect the faults efficiently. Furthermore, some of the important system.dll files can also go corrupt where you would be prompted to always open your system in Safe Mode.

Ways To Start Windows 10 Safe Mode?

If you believe that you can resolve the issue on your own, then have a look at the easiest way to learn how to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

Enter Safe Mode While You Face Improper Booting

  1. Shutdown your PC and then switch on the power button.
  2. The “Startup Repair” dialogue box appears where you have to select the “Advanced options”.
  3. After that choose the “Troubleshoot” option from the next dialogue box.
  4. Now select the “Advanced options” from the Troubleshoot screen.
  5. After that click the “Startup Settings” and then hit “Restart”.
  6. At last press 4 to enter the Safe Mode without network and press 5 to enter with the network.

Avail 24*7 Expert Assistance

If you are still wondering how to run Safe Mode on your computer or if you are not tech-savvy enough to solve your problem on your own, then you can always contact the services of our Microsoft experts. They have acquired quite an experience in this niche. As a result, we will fix any kinds of issues you are facing however critical it might be.

To help you with a flexible communication facility we have different ways by which you can reach us. Call us at our toll-free number to talk to our executives regarding how to start Windows 10 Safe Mode. Furthermore, you can also email us or chat with our experts using the Live Chat Portal.

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