Skype Problem With Recording Device : Fix Skype Call Failed

Skype Problem With Recording Device : Fix Skype Call Failed

Most users prefer using Skype for conducting video calls nowadays, but it doesn’t mean they will never face any technical glitches with this software. Many customers are experiencing a Skype problem with recording device. This issue can occur due to a faulty microphone or playback device in the PC, but you must know the correct reason before resolving it. So, if you are facing any problem with your audio device on Skype, check out this article. Here, you will know the symptoms, causes, and methods to resolve this Skype problem.

Skype Problem With Recording Device: A Brief Analysis

If you are facing the ‘Skype problem with recording device,’ you must check whether the microphone is faulty or not. If the microphone is not defective, then check for other causes that can trigger this recording problem.

Test the Skype microphone

Whenever you are using the device’s built-in mic, ensure that the audio is not muted in Skype settings. For Skype calls on a wireless mic, the batteries must have enough charge. Otherwise, your recording device won’t work properly and Skype will not detect any microphone at all.

Check audio with a test call

To ensure that your microphone is working perfectly, you can use the Free Test Call feature of Skype. So, call ‘Echo’, the user-friendly assistant, and record your voice to hear it later. If you can’t hear your recorded voice, look for additional causes of getting this problem.

Symptoms Of Getting Recording Problems On Skype

Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 will hang up frequently whenever you try to make video calls on Skype. While having a live discussion, you will be unable to record the video details. Even though the recording will be over, yet the final file will not have any audio or skipping sound in between. The Skype application will not show the options for recording on Lync 2010 or 2013 versions.

Causes Of Having Skype Recording Issues

  • If you face this problem on a Windows device, it may be due to the incompatibility of OS with the latest updates.
  • Due to an Audio Conferencing Provider issue or if the audio option is muted from device’s end, this error can occur.
  • If the dialog box is not checked under the ‘Recording Options’, there can be technical issues with instant messaging in Skype.

Based on these above causes, you can follow the appropriate technical fixes to resolve Skype problems. Otherwise, consult a certified Skype technician to figure out the problems and ask them to provide the corresponding solution.

Ways To Fix Skype Problem With Recording Device Windows 10

If you want quick fixes to resolve Skype problem with recording device, check out the following solutions.

1. Remove Audio Device Or Disable It Temporarily

To remove a defective audio from Skype, use ‘Win+X’ and select ‘Device Manager’. Locate the audio device in ‘Sound, video and game’ section and right-click to ‘Uninstall’ it. You can also select ‘Disable’ option and then click ‘Enable’, to fix the issue without deleting the device permanently.

2. Set Correct Playback Option In Skype

Go to ‘Tools’ in Skype, click on ‘Options’ and then check ‘Speakers’ under ‘Audio Settings’. Choose the correct audio option and save changes to resolve this Skype problem with the recording device.

3. Use Window’s Audio Troubleshooter

Click on ‘Settings’ and find ‘Troubleshooting’ under ‘Updates & Security’. Locate ‘Recording Audio’ and then click on ‘Run the troubleshooter’. Fix this error by following on-screen instruction on the troubleshooting wizard.

Contact Skype Tech Support For More Info

There can be many other advanced reasons that can cause this Skype problem with recording device. So, if you can’t figure out the exact cause or you are unable to apply these fixes, get in touch with our Skype support professionals. Seek assistance from our reliable troubleshooters to fix Skype issues at affordable charges. Reach to us immediately through Skype Customer Support Helpline Number +1-855-772-9117 and talk to the expert. To receive troubleshooting solution in your mailbox, send our support team an email. Our official email id is [email protected] For real-time discussion and fixing Skype problems, access our Live Portal for immediate technical support.


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