Why Is My Microsoft Office Not Responding? Fix It With Pro Tips

Why Is My Microsoft Office Not Responding? Fix It With Pro Tips

Microsoft Office is a server software introduced by Microsoft. However, a lot of MS Office users have reported that they are unable to use this application in their device as it fails to respond.

Most of the time, when one or more than one map drivers persists, then you can experience this flaw. Also, if your system gets affected by viruses, connected network drive, then it can lead to this flaw.

Reliable Solutions to Fix Microsoft Office Not Responding Issue:

Check out the below-provided resolving techniques to get rid of this Microsoft Office not responding problem in no time.

Solution 1- Disconnect the Network Drive

To fix this Office error, you need to disconnect all the network drives that might be one of the primary reasons for the glitch. 

In order to disconnect the network drive, first, you have to right-click on the My computer and then, tap on the Disconnect Network Drive button. Now, within the Disconnect Network Drive dialog box, tap on the letter of the drive that you want to disconnect. Next, hit the Enter key.

You have to repeat the above steps until all the online network drivers are disconnected. In case, you have not sure about a particular step, then go to the Start menu and open Run.

Once the Run dialog box opens, then type the computer name\share name within the Run input and press the Enter key. Here computer name is the Server name which is sharing the resource and the share name is the shared resources name that you want to use. 

In case, the resource is not available, then you might receive the error message ‘The network name can not be found’. Then, you should try to open the Windows Explorer and repeat this solution. And after that, reboot your machine to check whether ‘why is my Microsoft office not responding’ error message goes or still persists.

Solution 2- Disconnect the Map Network Drive

As mentioned earlier, due to the Map network drive, you can receive this error. To fix the error, just disconnect the Map network drive.

For that, move to the Home Screen of the system and thereafter, right-click on the My Computer button. A list of options will appear on the display. From there, choose the Map Network Drive option.

Afterward, navigate to the Drive box and click on the drive letter that you want to use for the Network drive. Then, go to the Folder box and like the previous solution, enter the computer name\ share name. The computer name is the Server Sharing Resources name and the share name is the Shared Resource name.

Now, to disconnect the Map driver, uncheck the Reconnect at the login dialog box. Finally, click the Finish option. After that, check if the error has been fixed or not.

Solution 3- Use the MS Office Application Recovery

Another handy solution to fix the Office not responding error is the use of the MS Office Application Recovery feature. To apply this method, click on the Start icon and after that, select All Programs option.

Furthermore, click on the Microsoft Office Tools and thereafter, mark the box beside the MS Office Application Recovery button.

Next, click on the Recover Application. Once finished, then reboot your machine to see the status of the error. 

Solution 4- Protect the System from Virus Attacks

In case the above three solutions are not workable for you and you are still dealing with the problem, then you are advised to run the inbuilt Windows Firewall to protect your system from malware attacks.

Apart from that, you can also download an online protection tool that suits your device. So, do the needful and after that, check whether any change occurs or not.

Solution 5- Avoid Unexpected Power Surge

If your computer suddenly shuts down due to an unexpected power surge, then there is a high chance for the occurrence of the glitch. To avoid such a situation, ensure that you don’t use the device when there’s the lighting.

We also suggest you use a stabilizer to prevent this kind of error.

Solution 6- Upgrade the Device Drivers

In case, the device drivers are not compatible with the current Windows OS, then this issue might irritate you. In this case, manually updating the device drivers can be a good choice to fix the error.

For that, at first, click on the Start icon. Then, type ‘device manager’ in the search field and hit the Enter key to open it. 

Within the Device Manager, double-click on the device that you want to update. Next, tick on the Search automatically for updated software option. Then, the updating procedure will start automatically. 

Wait for the completion of the process. Once done, then exit from the page and reboot the system. We believe now you can use the Microsoft Office application without any issues.

That’s all about why is your Microsoft office not responding. Hope any of the above effective solutions work for you. All you have to do is to relax and spend some time to go through the information provided here to resolve the problem.