Facing Windows 10 Network Issues? Get Step-By-Step Guidance

Facing Windows 10 Network Issues? Get Step-By-Step Guidance

Network issues are not so common in Windows 10. However, if you are encountering Windows 10 network issues, then it can hamper your daily work. In this context, we shall discuss a few common network problems that you may encounter frequently.

Windows 10 is one of the most secure operating systems because Microsoft fixes the bugs immediately You will see updates from Microsoft regarding Windows 10 practically every month. Though Windows 10 offers so many features, yet there are some technical flaws in it. You can get in touch with the experts and get a proper solution to your problem.

Few Windows 10 Network Issues

Network issues you may encounter while you update your Windows 10 Operating System.

Cable Problem

If you are using a cable connection, then you may face this fault as a short can occur in them. Also, if you are updating your operating system in case of unfavourable weather condition, your cables can cut short due to lightning. Never hesitate to get in touch with the experts if you ever face this problem. Incorrect cable connections, short-circuit in your cable lines or any connector problems in your cable can help you resolve the problem.

Problems In Connectivity

Windows 10 Network Issues

Configuration issues may take place in your system. So if your router, hub or switch is functioning improperly, then you can face Windows 10 update network issues. If you have done any recent changes to your network configuration, then you have a high possibility of encountering the problems.

Too Much Network Collisions

Bad network setup is the primary cause leading to the problem. You may face a constant slow connection because of excessive network collisions.

Software Problems

Software problems are common regarding this issue. Check your DNS configuration, registry files, and other configuration errors. Make sure that all are Ok because they can also be the reason behind the problem.

Duplicate IP Addressing

Encountering the same IP address while logging in to your Internet connection is prevalent. Two machines may try using the same IP address. This is more common in organizational networks where the systems are interconnected.

Solve Windows 10 Network Issues

Solve your Windows 10 update network issues by following the procedures given below.

Verify Your LAN and WAN Connections

Check your network connections. Make sure that your WiFi and routers are working fine. Check the LED lights in your router and also verify that the green lights are turned on.

Check Your Wireless Adapters

It is important that you ensure that the wireless adapters are working fine. Unplug them from the switchboard and plug them back again.

Examine The Router Settings

Verify that the router configurations are all Ok. Go to the router page, log in to it and check the internet settings with the settings that have been provided to you by your Internet Service provider.

Ping Your Connection

Ping the DNS server from your computer, it will expose any problems present in your network. To ping your DNS address, open the Run dialogue box first. Type cmd in there to open the Command prompt window. Next, type ping <your DNS address> -t and then hit Enter.

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