Windows 10 Thread Stuck in Device Driver Error

Windows 10 Thread Stuck in Device Driver Error

The video application in the devices running Windows 10 has contributed a great deal in the business purposes and also for the personal issues. But what to do if you get the error Windows 10 thread stuck in device driver while turning on the video feature on your PC?

The fault is generally encountered when the video hardware driver of the system enters into an endless loop. In such instances, the user has to wait for a long till the conflicting driver file gets into a stable state.

It is a rare hardware issue. However, the video driver(file) or the BIOS update can resolve this issue in minutes.

Factors Causing window 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver Issue

There are several factors that can be alleged responsible for the video driver issue. For instance:

Error Due To The BSOD Crash

In the case of the BSOD crash, your device(PC or laptop) will not stay loaded for much longer. Hence, try restarting your computer in the Safe Mode by the installation media. Then follow the onscreen instruction from there.

Outdated Device OS

Sometimes, if your system has the same Windows version for a long time, then the Windows 10 thread stuck in device driver. As a result, it hampers the normal working of the video hardware driver of the PC. However, if resolved in time, you can set back your device to its usual state. Move to the following section for more information regarding the resolutions.

Fix: Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver

Simply, go through each of the sections and try to apply the instructions on your own. In case of failure, we have other alternatives to help you with.

Perform List Of Windows Features Update

Try updating the Graphics and Audio Driver software to its recent available version.

Then execute the Windows update and install all the necessary available updates of it.

Finally, update the BIOS of the motherboard of your PC. Also, ensure that it is updated to its latest version. It is one of the serious processes, and its instructions differ depending upon the motherboard manufacturer.

There are several such motherboards which offer simpler update paths which can be either executed via the USB or within the Windows itself.

Now, verify if this method helps in removing the error Windows thread stuck in device driver from your device or not.

Use ATI Graphics Chip For Laptops

There are few Windows laptops (that use ATI graphics card) which often face the device driver(video hardware) error. Here is how to resolve it:

Visit the Control Panel. Then go to Hardware and Sound options. Further tap on the Power option.

After that, choose the Change Plan Setup, located just beside the chosen preferred plan. Then go to the settings of Change Advanced Power. Then search the ATU Graphics Power setup and select the dialog of Maximized Performance.

Finally, save all the changes made by tapping Save and startup the computer further.

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