Resolve Windows Update Error 0x80070490 With Easy Hacks

Resolve Windows Update Error 0x80070490 With Easy Hacks

Windows Update is one of the most important factors for the smooth performance of Windows OS. While you are trying to update your OS version, you may often encounter a critical problem like Windows update error 0x80070490. This annoying issue may arise even after keeping the automatic updates on and configuring it properly. Therefore, without technical assistance, you can’t resolve this Windows update error manually. However, this article will be fruitful for you if you are a non-tech savvy person.

What Causes Windows Update Error 0x80070490?

If you want to update your Windows to the latest version, then you can face this irritating issue. Moreover, your system will start freezing frequently. Furthermore, the OS will crash and you can’t work with your Windows without fixing it. There are some of the critical factors that can cause the Windows update error.

  • Corruption of the Windows Registry files is one of the major factors for encountering Windows update error 0x80070490.
  • Third-party Antivirus software sometimes prevents the Windows Update process. Moreover, the old security Software won’t be able to disinfect the malware attack and your device will show Windows 7 update error 0x80070490.
  • If the CBS files(which collect the update logs) in Windows are being damaged, then it can’t give permission to update and show this error.
  • If the update services are disabled or some of the files related to the Windows Update are deactivated, then you can face the problem.

Solution To Fix Update Error 0x80070490

Run System File Checker

System file checker program will help you to check and repair the corrupted files in the disk. Moreover, you can registry files without any conflict.

First, press Windows+R from the keyboard and open the Run dialog box. After that, type “cmd” and stroke the Enter button or tap on “OK” to open the command prompt window. Finally, you have to write the command “sfc/scannow” in the resultant page. It will take several times to scan and don’t turn off your system until this process finishes. Now, reboot your PC and check if Windows 7 update error 0x80070490 persists.

Disable And Re-install Security Software

First, tap on the Security software icon and open the Antivirus Window. In the Properties window, you will get the option, “Settings” at the right pane of the Window. After that, click on “Disable” to remove the Software. Now, reinstall it and scan the Windows.

Troubleshoot Windows Update

Press Windows + I key to open the Windows troubleshooting Window and choose the Window. After that, select the option, “View All” to show the details. Now, choose the option, “Windows Update Troubleshooting”. Finally, follow the instructions of that page and press Enter to proceed with the next step. Tap on the “Finish” button to complete the troubleshooting process.

Perform System Restore

At first, open the Control Panel window and select the menu, “System.” After that, click on “System Protection” to open the System Protection window. If you see that the System protection is off then, you have to enable it. So, click on ‘Turn on system protection and fix the disk size. Finally, tap on the “OK” button to proceed with the System Restore program. Now, restart your system and check if Windows update error 0x80070490 is resolved.

Still, you are fed up with the update error, you can connect with us for a feasible solution.

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