Exceptional Ways To Fix Bad Image Error

When Windows is unable to run the program which you want to run, you might encounter Bad image error along with an error code 0XC000012F. Every Windows version starting with Windows 8 check updates and download the updated verison of the Windows from time to time. But while installing specific Windows updates, the error code…
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How to Add a Hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation [Step-by-Step Guidance]

When you are using the internet, then to move from one web page to another, you generally use a Hyperlink. Hence, if you want to add a web or email address in the PowerPoint presentation, then you need to add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint presentation. If you don’t know how to do this, then…
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[Solved] Office 365 Keeps Asking Me To Sign In

A certain number of people have reported the ‘Office 365 keeps asking to sign in’ issue. Microsoft Office keeps asking for the password even after logging in to your account.  This issue mainly occurs when you update or upgrade the Windows OS, it intentionally set preferences for certain applications. Moreover, if you change the settings…
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How to Uninstall MS Office from Mac

Microsoft Office is a software package of highly used software for daily use. Lately, these have been made available for Mac as well. However, Microsoft Office for Mac is not exactly useful as opposed to the Windows operating system. Therefore, here we will discuss how to uninstall Office from Mac.   Most of the shortcut keys…
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Top Pro Tips To Solve stdole32.tlb

When it comes to selecting some of the most used spreadsheet programs of Office 2007, Microsoft Excel definitely tops the list. However, sometimes while launching this application, a stdole32.tlb error occurs. Some other causes which lead to this issue are corrupt system files, malware or virus attacks, cache files and temporary files and outdated Windows.…
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Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working – Here is the Fix

Microsoft Windows operating systems are the most popular computer operating systems that you can find. But using this you will find that this is not going to be free of trouble completely.  If you see that the Microsoft setup Bootstrapper has stopped working, then that is an indicator of such problems.  Many users have reported…
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[Fixed] Microsoft Office Icons Not Showing Correctly Windows 10

Microsoft Office icons not showing correctly Windows 10 is a strange issue that generally occurs if you have not set up Windows to save Taskbar thumbnail previews. The corrupted icon cache file can be another reason that can create this problem. Mostly the users face this issue while updating Windows to the latest versions or…
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How To Find Office 2013 Product Key [Complete Guide]

No matter whether you are owning a laptop or desktop, one of the most important applications that most of the users install is Microsoft Office. Every Microsoft product has its own product key. Without the product key, you cannot install and activate the product. However, it is quite common that you might lose the product…
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How To Fix Microsoft Office Offline Issue

The Outlook is undoubtedly the most used suite used by various organizations and businesses for professional purposes. Generally, it is connected to the internet for its normal functionality. However, it can create problems if Microsoft Office gets Offline.  How to Check when the Microsoft Office is Offline?  The current connection status is displayed in the…
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How to Transfer a Microsoft Office License

Generally, Microsoft Office comes pre-installed with some Windows version and computer systems. Other times, they have to be bought and are not particularly cheap. Therefore, this may appear as a problem when you’re buying a new computer. However, we can help you out by showing how to transfer a Microsoft Office license. Here, we will…
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