Microsoft Office Setup and Installation Guide (Updated)

Microsoft Office Setup and Installation Guide (Updated)

Microsoft Office is a combination of desktop productivity applications created specifically for office/business/school purposes. It is an exclusive product of Microsoft, that is accessible in about 35 different languages.

Usually, it involves applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, etc to assist you both professionally and personally.

Recently they have launched their latest version (Microsoft Office 2019), which is claimed to be “perpetual”. It implies that you can buy and own the Office suite yourself without paying for any monthly subscription.

Office 365, on the other hand, is the version mostly preferred by the users. It is a stream of products and services that helps to track your dreams and attain business growth. Through Microsoft Office 365 download, you can work from any place that has internet access.


Besides its varieties, Microsoft office has specific applications that are popular among users and are a vital bit of their daily life. The list includes 

1.Microsoft Word: Useful for document creation

2.Microsoft Excel: A spreadsheet program that makes grids of text, numbers, and formulas

3.Microsoft Outlook: Application useful for sending/receiving emails

4.Microsoft PowerPoint: A slideshow presentation program that portrays your idea in a visually appealing way.


The popularity of Microsoft Office is not unknown to its users and thus, it fortifies a large number of prominent features within it. From Advanced presentation features to simpler email management, the list is endless.


To begin the Microsoft Office Installation, you will require a valid product key and will have to visit An Office product key is a series of letters or numbers that is decoded by the software to confirm the legitimacy/legality of your Microsoft copy.


To use a retail version of the Microsoft Office program, you need to activate it first. Microsoft Office Activation is not required for Office 365 and hence you just need to log in through your account. 


Office 365 grants consent to download and install Office applications for up to 5 PC per user. Moreover, it also lets you download the applications on your mobile devices. Before installing these applications, you need to generate your own Office 365 email address.


You need to sign in to your account through the provided details within the Office 365 login page. The sign-in process can be completed successfully on the web through work or school account (Download Office 365 for Students).


On using these applications, you may experience specific issues that need Microsoft Office Troubleshoot. In various occurrences, just a simple restart might resolve the correlated problems. However, if that did not work for you, repairing is required.