Microsoft Office 365 Login | Sign in or Create Your Account

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To experience its extraordinary features like creating, editing, and sharing of files, one needs to sign in or log in to their Microsoft Office Account. With the proper login details, you will be able to enjoy its prominent services like Office Online and OneDrive.

You will most probably be asked to provide your login details after Office installation so that you can use the applications further. However, there are certain login limits associated with your subscription plan and thus the number of logins is strongly fixed according to it.

Office 365 for home lets you install Microsoft Office for all your devices (PC, Tablets, Macs, mobile devices) of which, you can remain signed in for up to five devices. On the other hand, in the case of Office 365 for business, you can install and sign in for up to 5 Macs, tablets, phones, and PCs.

How to Login Microsoft Office 365 for PC?

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As mentioned earlier, to acknowledge its outstanding features, you need to log into it first. Hence, to perform the Office 365 login for PC, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Open or create any new/existing file from any application such as Word, Excel.
  • Go to File and then Account. Click on Sign In.
  • Enter the email address and password for your Microsoft Office account. Your account can be either personal, school-related or work account.

How to Login Microsoft Office 365 for Mac?

Mac users are no exception for Office 365 and thus you can successfully log into it by following a few easy steps. Thus, to login Microsoft Office for Mac, execute the steps cited below in order

  • At first, launch any application Of Office (Word, Excel, etc) and then click on Sign in. However, if you are already signed in and editing a file, navigate to the File and select “New from Template”. Now, click on Sign in.
  • Within the Sign-in window, enter the email and address for your Microsoft Office 365 account. It can be your personal, school or work accounts subsequently.

How to Login Microsoft Office 365 on Office Online?

Microsoft Office Online is a web-based and free version of Office that are analyzed and optimized to work with more than one Internet Browsers. However, to login Microsoft Office Online, follow the steps provided below sequentially

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft Office and then click on the Sign-in option situated on the upper right-hand corner.
  • Provide all the sign-in details like email addresses and passwords. Now, this can be either your Home, Work, School account. You can identify the account type through the header displayed on your screen.
  • Click on App Launcher and choose any Office Application which you want to use.

How to Perform a Portal Office Login?

Office 365 Portal is a tool that helps you to access applications like email, calendar, and OneDrive files for business prospects. To execute a Portal Office login, follow the steps cited below

  • Go to the official website of Portal Office and type in your log in details like username and password.
  • Click on Sign-in to complete the login successfully

How to Log in to Outlook 365 email?

Sending and receiving emails and managing data has become an effortless task to perform with Microsoft Outlook. To do so, one needs to be logged in to Outlook 365.

  • Go to the official page of Outlook and then click on Sign in.
  • Type your email address/ phone number and click on Next.
  • Enter your password and select Sign in.

How to Perform Microsoft 365 Student Login?

Students from recognized and eligible institutions can sign up for free Office 365 through a valid school email address. After sign up, follow the steps to login within your Microsoft 365 successfully

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft Office 365 and select sign in with your work/school account.
  • Enter the username and password of your school account and then click on Sign in.

How to Login Microsoft Office On Mobile Applications?

Announced by Microsoft, Microsoft Office mobile apps are applications for Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, Excel, etc through which users can access the features of these applications on their iPhones, iPads, Android, Chromebooks, and Windows Phone. To log in within these devices, follow the steps given below orderly

For iPhones and iPads

To log in through iPhones or iPads, execute the steps given below in sequence

  • Launch the Office Application and then go to the Account screen. Tap on Sign-in.
  • Within the Sign-in screen, enter the email address and password of your Microsoft Office account. The Office account can be personal, work, or school-related accordingly.

For Android/Chromebooks

To log in through Android/Chromebooks, follow the steps provided below

  • Open the Office application and click on the Sign-in option inside the Recent screen. 
  • As soon as the Sign-in screen displays, enter the email address and password of your Office account. The account can be school, work, personal account. 

For Windows Phone

To log in to Office through Windows phone, follow the steps provided in here

  • Start the Office application and then tap on Sign in option. 
  • Once the Sign-in screen displays, enter the email address and password of your Office account. Your office account can be personal or related to school or work. Make sure to enter the login details correctly.

How to Switch Between Accounts?

In case of situations where you are already signed in with a Microsoft Account but you want to switch to some other account, follow the following steps listed below

Through browser

To execute the account switching through a browser, follow the steps given below

  • Go to the upper right corner and click on your name. Sign out of your signed-in account and then sign in with another account.
  • Alternative Method: Besides, you can also log in to another account by launching a private session within the web browser. (Private sessions include Incognito mode in Google Chrome, In Private of Internet Explorer or Edge, the New Private Window of Firefox)

Through Office Desktop Application

To switch your account through Office desktop app, follow the steps given below

  • Launch an App (Word or Excel) and then go to File>Account.
  • Click on Switch Account.